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Things That Are Awful

  1. things that are awful
    Florida Stabbing Suspect Rejects Help From ‘Negro’ Public DefenderOr any attorney.
  2. international news
    Irish Chess Match Ends in Gruesome Murder, Missing LungThe lung’s whereabouts are unknown.
  3. things that are awful
    Man Mauled by Tiger Gets Light SentenceHe faces a year of mental health treatment.
  4. things that are awful
    Four Found Guilty in Fatal New Delhi Gang Rape They could be hanged.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn High School Employees Allegedly ‘Shared’ Students to Sexually AssaultJust. Awful.
  6. international news
    Did Kim Jong-un Have the ‘Excellent Horse-Like Lady’ Singer Executed?A Korean daily reports she was shot for making porn.
  7. things that are awful
    Bullied Harlem Boy’s Family Sues Over His SuicideThey say the school didn’t discipline his bullies.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Very Worst Reason to Call the Fire DepartmentSo you can burglarize the empty firehouse.
  9. things that are awful
    Off-Duty NYPD Cop Allegedly Shot Wife and SelfReports of a grim murder-suicide.
  10. war crimes
    Soldier Will Admit to Killing Sixteen Afghan Villagers, and Discuss the ShootingStaff Sgt. Robert Bales must talk to avoid the death penalty.
  11. The Backlash Has Begun in London’s Hacking DeathTwo men arrested in attacks on mosques.
  12. things that are awful
    A Year Later, Skeleton Found in Bed-Stuy ApartmentPolice want help identifying.
  13. things that are awful
    Teens’ Dash Across Subway Tracks Has Worst Possible OutcomeA 17-year-old was killed running from one platform to another.
  14. things that are awful
    Yet Another Woman Gang-Raped in IndiaThis time, the victim was a Swiss tourist.
  15. things that are awful
    Baby Survives Mother’s Leap From Harlem WindowThe mother did not.
  16. things that are awful
    Lion Shot After Killing Intern at Cat SanctuaryCat Haven is run by Project Survival.
  17. things that are awful
    Man Finds the Very Worst Use for an iPadA Staten Island firefighter allegedly beat his wife with one.
  18. things that are awful
    Discovery Film Crew Members Killed in On-Set Copter CrashCalifornia’s worst on-set accident since The Twilight Zone.
  19. things that are awful
    What’s With All the Crime Against Senior Citizens?Three brutal incidents in two days last week.
  20. things that are awful
    Man Who Helped Newtown Survivors Is Now Being Harassed by TruthersTough but fair.
  21. things that are awful
    Alleged Subway Pusher Has Been Unhinged For a Long TimeA former FDNY chief says she scratched him.
  22. things that are awful
    Echoes of Akin in a C.A. Judge’s Rape Denial: ‘The Body Shuts Down’What is it with these guys?
  23. things that are awful
    Long Island Boy Scouts Leader Busted for Child PornHe also worked at the library.
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Rockaways Have Seen a 1,020 Percent Increase in Burglaries Since SandyCompared with this time last year.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    Botched Bronx Robbery Became Days-Long Ordeal of Torture, Cops SayVictims were beaten, bound, and urinated on.
  26. things that are awful
    Horrific Long Island Bus Crash Kills Boy in HouseThe bus swerved to avoid a pedestrian.
  27. things that are awful
    Bradley Manning’s Jail Guard Wrote a Poem About His UnderwearThings got a little weird at Quantico.
  28. things that are awful
    Mother and Child Killed in Bronx Apartment FirePolice say someone set the blaze to cover up mother’s murder.
  29. things that are awful
    Mom Charged With Slapping Daughter’s Bully Says Driver Let Her on the School BusGrandmother joined in the confrontation.
  30. things that are awful
    Child Porn Twist to Federal Reserve Bomb CaseThe alleged accomplice had a side pursuit.
  31. things that are awful
    Foot-Chomping Bronx Zoo Tiger Will Not Be EuthanizedZoo director says the animal “did nothing wrong.”
  32. things that are awful
    Man Enters Tiger Den at Bronx ZooThe man jumped off a monorail and climbed two fences.