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Things That Are Scary

  1. things that are scary
    A Wildfire Could Take San Francisco Off the GridGovernor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.
  2. things that are scary
    Driver Purposely Mowed Down Pedestrians on Venice Beach Boardwalk [Updated]One person died, and eleven others were injured.
  3. things that are scary
    Florida Gunman Killed After Deadly Shooting Spree and Hostage Standoff [Updated]He shot six people before barricading himself in an apartment with two others.
  4. bomb scares
    LA Man Found With 17 Homemade BombsThat’s some hobby.
  5. things that are scary
    West Village Tapas Lovers Exposed to Hepatitis AAn infected Alta pastry chef was on the job from March 23 to April 2.
  6. things that are scary
    Jogger Attacked With Stun Gun in Queens ParkThe person responsible is still at large.
  7. things that are scary
    New Jersey Man Arrested in Cannibal Cop Kidnapping Conspiracy “Reads like a script for a bad horror film.”
  8. things that are scary
    FBI Ran a Record Number of Background Checks for Gun Owners in 2012Most of them in December.
  9. things that are scary
    Bomb-making Explosives in Village ApartmentThe neighbors are not surprised.
  10. econogeddon
    The Markets Are Very Upset This AfternoonConcerns about financial regulation, Europe, and the domestic economy have roiled the markets.