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Third Parties

  1. politics
    Andrew Yang’s Third Party Is Going NowhereHe has run for office twice but still doesn’t understand politics.
  2. third parties
    Why There Is No Centrist Third PartyAs a new Pew typology shows, there aren’t enough actual centrists, and they aren’t very interested in voting, either.
  3. past is prologue
    How Feasible Is a MAGA Third Party?The history of third parties shows no real template for Trump other than staying in the Republican Party or trying to replace it.
  4. vision 2020
    Tulsi Gabbard’s Eclectic BaseShe has a pocket of support on the left and another one among Trump fans. Nearly all her backers are male. What does that add up to?
  5. vision 2020
    Three Years Later, Trump Has Lost the Element of SurpriseMemories of the shock of Election Night 2016 could become a strategic asset for Democrats, who sure won’t get over-confident in 2020.
  6. Can a #NeverTrump Republican Win in 2020? Don’t Bet on It.Anti-Trumpers long for a third option in the next presidential race, but their prospects are grim.
  7. WATCH: Here’s the Actual Data on How Third-Party Candidates Affect ElectionsIt tells an unexpected story.
  8. last night on late night
    John Oliver Examines the 3rd-Party CandidatesThe problems from Jill Stein’s music career to Gary Johnson’s erotic-mountain talk.
  9. Jill Stein Responds to the ‘Spoiler’ Criticism of Her CampaignCommitted Dem voters are worried she could be a modern-day Ralph Nader.
  10. Mark Zuckerberg for President?In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Jim VandeHei suggests the Facebook CEO run on a platform of Social Security cuts, killer apps, and military rule.
  11. Conservatives Talking Anti-Trump 3rd-Party BidBefore party elites begin to cave to Trump, some conservatives are threatening to go rogue if he’s the GOP nominee. Throwing the presidential contest into the U.S. House is one of the more alarming possibilities the cabal is considering.
  12. master debaters
    Third-Party Candidates Debate Focuses on Issues, Criticizing Obama and RomneyPlus amusing moderation from Larry King.
  13. the national interest
    Third-Party Candidates Line UpThe question isn’t whether a third-party candidate will impact the 2012 elections, but how many of them will.