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Third Presidential Debate

  1. The Republican Party Owns Trump’s Actions on Election DayThe Republicans who are separating themselves from the candidate are far too late.
  2. Hillary Clinton’s Debate Performance Was ‘Nasty’ (in a Good Way)Clinton beat Trump at his own game.
  3. Did Trump TV Premiere Last Night?Trump counterprogrammed cable news by broadcasting propagandistic, public-access-quality debate coverage over his Facebook page.
  4. Trump Says He Is Not Prepared to Accept the Legitimacy of November’s Election“I’ll keep you in suspense.”
  5. Trump and Clinton Debate Who Is More of a Puppet for PutinTrump had Clinton cornered on immigration. Then, he went out of his way to defend the leadership of Vladimir Putin.
  6. Trump Invites (Actual) Kenyan, Pro-Hamas Obama to 3rd DebateTrump is bringing Barack’s half-brother Malik to the debate — and his campaign promises the rest of the guest list is even more eye-popping.