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    Dude Raises $1.6 Million for ‘Liquid Death’ … Which Is Just Tallboy Water CansThe cans are tallboys and sell for nearly $2 apiece.
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    No, Telling a Cop You Were Speeding ‘for Snapchat’ Won’t Get You Out of a TicketPerhaps try literally anything else …
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    Don’t Attempt to Shave Your Head Using a DroneYou’re better off just going to a barber.
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    This Handless Selfie Trend Is Sweeping the Nation, Breaking Phones EverywhereThe latest internet trend involves throwing your phone in front of a mirror and hoping for the best.
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    Charming Man Suggests Women Pretend Not to Be Women to Get JobsHelpful advice includes using only your initials and not sharing photos of yourself if you’re trying to raise money.