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This Is Probably Fake

  1. party chat
    Maroulis-Mortimer Showmance Heats UpCan this be real?
  2. jeepers creepers
    Witness One New York Apartment Terror You Didn’t Even Think to be Afraid of: The CreeperA person could be LIVING IN YOUR APARTMENT with you!
  3. this is probably fake
    Straight Men Like Gasmasters, TooThis is exactly as gross as it sounds.
  4. this is probably fake
    There Is Some Gay Dude Roaming the City With a Stranger Fetish We Don’t Even UnderstandAnd we understand a LOT of stranger fetishes.
  5. hellivision
    Susanne Bartsch Was Asked to Be on Real Housewives of NYCFile this under: missed opportunities. Also: holy hell.
  6. heroes
    Michael Phelps in Alleged Stripper Orgy!Also, he cries a lot.
  7. this is probably fake
    James Frey to Gawker for a DayWeirder things have happened. This week, in fact.
  8. this is probably fake
    Hey, Mr. Perfect, Your Miss Neurotic Is Out There Waiting for You!A lovely-seeming young woman in New York just wants a guy who meets a few specific qualifications, okay?