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  1. in conversation
    Thomas Piketty Knew This Was ComingThe scholar of inequality warned us that our economic systems couldn’t withstand a global catastrophe.
  2. Inequality Is Rising Across the Globe — and Skyrocketing in the U.S.A new report shows that inequality is a political choice — and American policy makers have chosen to accelerate its growth.
  3. q&a
    Milanovic: ‘It’s a Perfect Storm’ of Inequality“It’s been forgotten by the Establishment in the rich countries that you have to pay attention to the losers.”
  4. Thomas Piketty Thinks Inequality Led to the Rise of ISIS. Is That Crazy?The French academic draws from his best seller Capital in the Twenty-First Century.
  5. Bill Gates vs. Thomas PikettyThe world’s richest man goes head-to-head with the world’s favorite socialist public intellectual. 
  6. spreadsheets in the twenty-first century
    Piketty Screwed Up, Financial Times ClaimsThe business paper says the rock star economist’s book is full of errors.
  7. economic rock stars
    Thomas Piketty and Our New Economic WorldviewThere’s a reason a 700-page book on economics got so popular.
  8. pronunciation guide
    How Do You Pronounce Economist Thomas Piketty’s Name, Anyway?Hint: It’s “PEEK-et-ee.”
  9. On Tour With Rock-Star Economist Thomas PikettyExplaining Capital in the Twenty-First Century in short, TV-friendly snippets isn’t easy.