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    Who’s Behind These Robocalls About Anti-Trump Social-Media Activity?“It does seem that you’ve been making some rather negative comments about President Trump.”
  2. Trump ‘Sentenced to Death’ by North Korea for Making Fun of Kim Jong-unAn editorial in state-run media called Trump an “old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject.”
  3. politics
    Trump Is Trying to Reanimate Trumpcare Using Threats and RidiculeThe president finished out his terrible week by calling Republicans fools and quitters while threatening to spike congressional health coverage.
  4. Aetna to Feds: Give Us Our Merger or Obamacare Gets ItThe Obama administration rejected the merger anyway. Aetna exited Obamacare in 11 states this week.
  5. Online Threats Suddenly a Priority for Police After Police Get ThreatenedPolice used to dismiss social-media warnings as jokes or empty threats.
  6. trump vs. bernie
    Donald Trump Blames, Threatens Bernie Sanders Over Rally Violence“If conservative Republicans ever went into his rally, you would see things happen that would be unbelievable.”
  7. What Los Angeles Looks Like After a Bomb Threat Closes All SchoolsEmpty schools and lots of police officers.
  8. gun violence
    Person Arrested After Shooting Threat in ChicagoThe suspect allegedly mentioned Laquan McDonald in the online threat.
  9. threats
    Man Is Arrested for April Bomb Threat to Statue of LibertyHe also warned of attacks against Times Square and the Brooklyn Bridge under the name “ISIS Allah Bomb Maker.”
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Making Good on Promise to Arrest People for Threatening Cops The latest was Elvin Payamps, who had two guns, brass knuckles, and bulletproof vests.
  11. scary things
    De Blasio Received a Letter Threatening ‘Nuclear Attack’ in NYCPossibly during the “Treason Bowl.”
  12. international news
    Some North Korean Threats and Insults We’ll Really MissNow that the North is giving them up (yeah, right).
  13. international news
    Threat of a ‘Horrible Disaster’ Is No Way for North Korea to Obtain a Ski LiftTransparent motives in the latest saber rattling.
  14. international affairs
    Warnings Aside, North Korea Looks Ready for Another Nuclear TestJust as the United States and China tell it to cool off.
  15. gun control
    Newspaper Hires Armed Guards After Publishing Map of Gun OwnersIt received some “negative correspondence.”
  16. scary things
    North Carolina Man Arrested for Threatening to Assassinate Obama In his defense, he was high at the time.
  17. things that have been taken too far
    Authorities Investigate Rape and Death Threats Against Todd AkinToo far, guys.
  18. not funny
    Man Arrested for Making Gun Threats at TheaterHe shouted, “I should go off like Colorado.”
  19. flotus
    Cop Threatens to Shoot Michelle Obama, Gets Moved to Desk JobThis will be more exciting when it ends up on Law & Order.
  20. terror begins at home
    Long Island Woman’s Bomb Threat Was Motivated by LoveAnd fear. (And maybe some craziness.)
  21. threats
    David Letterman Takes on Internet Jihadist With JokesBack from vacation, Dave had endless lines for his would-be terrorists.
  22. threats
    Internet Jihadist Threatens David Letterman“We ask Allah to paralyze his tongue and grant the sincere monotheists his neck.”
  23. threats
    Al Qaeda Spokesman Warns of New AttacksAmerican-born Gadahn takes some digs at Obama.
  24. threats
    Lieberman: ‘The Threat Is Real to Non-Aviation Transportation’Senator says he is “worried” about the vulnerability of our trains, subways, and buses.
  25. health carnage
    Bart Stupak Threatened in the Most Insane, Creative WaysHow did they come up with these crazy voice messages?
  26. threats
    Ten Felony Counts for Man Who Threatened to Kill Bloomberg and Kelly“Kill the f—ing mayor. I wanna kill him. We want this f—k dead. Kill your f—ing mayor”
  27. early and often
    Threats Against Obama Now at Normal Levels“Mr. Obama now receives about the same as his two most recent predecessors.”