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Tide Pods

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    The New 1975 Music Video Is a Six-Minute Crash Course in MemesThe band’s latest song, “The Birthday Party,” features plenty of memes new and old. We annotated it for your convenience.
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    Are People Really Eating Tide Pods? And … Why?What literally eating poison says about the state of meme culture.
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    Tired: Eating Tide Pods. Wired: Drinking Tide Boxed Wine.Twitter noticed that Tide’s new box packaging looks a lot like a box of wine.
  4. New York Lawmakers Want Tide Pods to Look Less DeliciousThe proposal by two New York City Democrats calls on Procter & Gamble to individually wrap Tide Pods and make them one uniform color.
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    I Made Edible Tide Pods and Honestly Eating a Real One Sounds BetterA meme-inspired recipe.
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    YouTube Is Pulling Videos Featuring the Tide Pod ChallengeDon’t eat them, please.
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    Please Don’t Eat a Tide Pod, No Matter What the Memes SayA reminder that ingesting laundry detergent, even detergent that looks like candy, can kill you.