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    Father of ‘Distressed Baby’ Leaves AOL/Huffington PostThe target of Tim Armstrong’s comments got a new job.
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    AOL’s 401(k) Plan Won’t Be Affected by ‘Distressed Babies’After some backlash, Tim Armstrong has decided to reverse the changes to his company’s benefits plan.
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    AOL’s Tim Armstrong Blames ‘Distressed Babies’On a company-wide conference call.
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    AOL Still Refuses to Admit Patch Is Dead or DyingCEO Tim Armstrong is in denial about his failed local news initiative.
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    AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Sorry Everyone Heard Him Fire That GuyBut it doesn’t sound like he’s getting his job back.
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    Listen to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Casually Fire Someone During a Conference Call“Abel, you’re fired! Out.”
  7. AOL CEO Fired Someone for Taking His PictureTim Armstrong prefers to call them “impacts.”
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    AOL Board Puts Down Pesky Investor InsurrectionAll eight board directors were reelected today.
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    Arianna Huffington Consolidating Power at AOL [Updated]The Huffington Post has been a bright spot for AOL, so she’s doing some more taking over.
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    AOL Loses TechCrunch Editor, CTO, and Top HuffPo EngineerLots of turnover in the Armstrong-Huffington household today.
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    Investors Say AOL’s Websites Have No ValueA large shareholder is pushing for “immediate action.”
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    The Tim and Arianna Show Hits the RoadThe pair talk paid content with Piers Morgan.
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    This Has Happened Before: Comparing the AOLington Post to AOL Time WarnerA handy comparison chart.
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    The AOLington Post: AOL Buys HuffPo for $315 Million [Updated]Arianna Huffington will take control of all of AOL’s editorial content.
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    AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Thinks Children Should Spend Less Time on Their Computers“Well — I don’t want them outside THAT much!”