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Tim Hetherington

  1. in memorium
    Shooters: The City’s War Photographers Mourn Two of Their OwnA tight-knit crew who came of age chasing conflicts and crises, then retreating back to New York to shake off what they’d seen.
  2. party chat
    Bang Bang Club Star Ryan Phillippe: Dead Photographers Are ‘Not the Only People Who Have Suffered’The premiere of a doc about war photographers debuts at a sad time.
  3. party chat
    Graydon Carter Doesn’t ‘Encourage’ Journalists to Cover War-Torn Middle EastThe ‘Vanity Fair’ editor remarks on one of his fallen photographers, Tim Hetherington.
  4. awful things
    Photographer and Filmmaker Tim Hetherington Killed in Libya [Updated]Tim Hetherington and three other photographers were victims of a mortar attack in Misrata.