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  1. Another PA GOP Congressman Resigns, Triggering Another Special ElectionIn this really bad year for Pennsylvania Republicans, two more special elections are imminent before a terrible-looking November.
  2. A Special Showdown in Trump CountryRepublican Rick Saccone should still be the favorite in this heavily Republican district in Pennsylvania, but Democrat Conor Lamb could pull an upset.
  3. Democrat Looking Strong in Trump-Country Special Congressional ElectionConor Lamb’s not a long-shot candidate anymore, despite heavy GOP and Trump efforts on behalf of his opponent.
  4. Pennsylvania Special Election Is a No-Excuses, Must-Win Race for Team TrumpWith all the advantages the GOP has in this pro-Republican, pro-Trump district, a loss would be catastrophic.
  5. Pennsylvania Special Election Could Be the First Ripple in a Democratic Wave“I was Trump before Trump was Trump,” says the GOP nominee in a potentially competitive special election.
  6. GOP Retirements May Determine Whether Democrats Take Back the House in 2018There are many things Democrats need to take back the House next year. One they don’t yet have is abundant GOP retirements.
  7. man on the street
    Man on the Street: Yoga in Central ParkCan 10,000 yogis use their collective spiritual force to stave off the rain? Or stave off Tim Murphy, for that matter?
  8. man on the street
    Dagorhir Fighters in Prospect ParkTim Murphy investigates this group of medieval fighters in Prospect Park.
  9. man on the street
    Video: Inside the Vicious World of Competitive YogaOur Tim Murphy kicks the ass of inner peace and spirituality.
  10. man on the street
    Tim Murphy Attends His Own FuneralInside Simon Hammerstein’s “Purgatorio.”
  11. man on the street
    Working Out at David Barton Gym With David BartonWe sent Tim Murphy to sweat with the owner in his house of worship.
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    Vote Tim Murphy for Taxi TV!We’re starting a write-in campaign.
  13. man on the street
    Video: World Naked Bike RideTim Murphy catches up with naked cyclists at this environmental protest.