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Tim Profitt

  1. head stomp
    Rand Paul–Supporting Head-Stomper Charged With AssaultTim Profitt is heading to court.
  2. halloween
    Intel Exclusive: Topical, Easy Rand Paul Head-Stomp Costume — Just in Time for HalloweenA DIY suggestion.
  3. early and awful
    Rand Paul Head-Stomper Was Merely Trying to ‘Hold Her’ With His Shoe Until the Cops CameNope, no head-stomping here.
  4. cable news
    Talk Box: Kentucky Reminds Chris Matthews of Thirties GermanyPlus, Keith Olbermann interviews the MoveOn.org rep who got her head stomped on.
  5. early and awful
    Rand Paul Head-Stomper IdentifiedHe’s Tim Profitt, the candidate’s Bourbon County Coordinator.