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    Tim Russert’s Death May Have Saved Marc Ambinder’s LifeIt was the tragic loss of the NBC host that led the ‘Atlantic’ writer to take drastic steps to salvage his health.
  2. obits
    Late Anchor Tim Russert’s Father, ‘Big Russ,’ Has DiedThe elder Russert provided inspiration for his son’s memoir.
  3. company town
    In Media, Even Death Cannot Stop NepotismLuke Russert gets a job at NBC, and everyone has liquidity problems (except the tenants of 15 Central Park West), in our daily roundup of media, finance, real-estate and law news.
  4. in other news
    Tim Russert As Guardian Angel: Is the Media Going Too Far?The endless memorials were one thing, but now he’s saving people’s lives from beyond the grave?
  5. company town
    They Waterboarded Christopher HitchensFinally, right? Plus, David Brooks thinks Goldman Sachs may be on the cusp of a coup, and the “summer of legal vindication” kicks off in our hump-day roundup of media, finance, law, and real-estate news.
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    Tom Wolfe Still Making Sweeping, Mostly True GeneralizationsThe writer predicts “the end of capitalism,” and may be right; Ariana Huffington talks about her beef with Tim Russert; and a Manhattan lawyer does due diligence with the Other Side, all in our daily rundown of weird, wonderful finance, media, law and real-estate news.
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    Indicted Bear Stearns Hedge-Fund Manager’s Business Card Raking In Cash on eBayMatthew Tannin’s old business card is getting bid up, even as everything else Wall Street seems to be going down. All that and more in our daily roundup of finance, real-estate, media, and law news.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    Peggy Noonan Does Not Like to Be ProfiledThe conservative ‘Journal’ columnist and former presidential speechwriter tries, in the politest way possible, to kill a story.
  9. in other news
    Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews United in Hatred of Paula FroelichKeith Olbermann is a man who will fight for Chris Matthews’s honor.
  10. company town
    The Freedom Tower Has an Empty Dance CardThe Port Authority is offering it up for sale, according to the ‘Post.’ That, and more city news in our daily industry roundup.
  11. gossipmonger
    Harry Potter and the Lean, Mean, Skorcher Butt MachineDaniel Radcliffe is spotted toning up his bum for ‘Equus,’ Mary J. Blige helps a stranger buy a dress, and Adam Duritz takes up with a new actress, all in our daily distillation of the city’s gossip columns.
  12. cultural capital
    Who Will Replace Russert? (Seacrest, Shockingly, Not on Short List)Hey, just as long as it’s not O’Reilly, right?
  13. in other news
    Remembering Tim Russert: Greatest Hits From the ObitsRussert’s friends, family, and the media share their thoughts on one of the most highly respected men in journalism.
  14. early and often
    Breaking: Tim Russert Dies of a Heart Attack at 58He collapsed while at work at NBC’s Washington news bureau.
  15. early and often
    Some Claiming Hussein- and Race-Baiting Strengthen ObamaThe last few days have brought back discussion of Barack Obama’s race and heritage in a way not seen since South Carolina. On Monday, of course, a photo of Obama trying on traditional Somali clothing circulated. Then, in the Cleveland debate two days ago, Tim Russert grilled Obama over the endorsement of Louis Farrakhan and the praise lavished on Farrakhan by Obama’s pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. Finally, John McCain has been trying to disassociate himself from the fearmongering tactic of dropping Obama’s Muslim-sounding middle name, Hussein, carried out separately by talk-radio host Bill Cunningham and, in a press release yesterday, the Tennessee Republican Party. Into this burgeoning mess wade our pundits.
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    Kate Middleton Quits Fashion — Soon to Be Engaged?FASHION • Princely girlfriend Kate Middleton quit her job at fashion chain Jigsaw, sparking rumors of an imminent engagement! [British Vogue] • Daria Werbowy is doing a line of makeup for Lancôme that benefits a Brazilian children’s charity. Hot and philanthropic? Sigh. [Fashionista] • Surprise, surprise: This holiday shopping season is gonna suck for retailers. [NYT]
  17. in other news
    Stephen Colbert Collides With Reality, Drops CampaignComedian Stephen Colbert, after having been rejected by the South Carolina Democratic machine, has decided to let us all off the hook and drop his presidential campaign, he said today in a statement. “I am shocked and saddened by the South Carolina Democratic Executive Council’s 13-to-3 vote to keep me off their presidential primary ballot. Although I lost by the slimmest margin in presidential election history — only 10 votes — I have chosen not to put the country through another agonizing Supreme Court battle. It is time for this nation to heal.” Wow, we really thought we’d have to go through a lot more awkward televised interviews and tortured analysis before we saw the end of this. But Colbert, in his typically unabashed way, decided to take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: “I am going off the air until I can talk about this without weeping,” he said, supplying a final, strong period to this entire spectacle. Also, you know, giving himself an obvious out for the duration of the writers strike. Colbert Ends White House Bid [NYT] Earlier: In Defense of Stephen Colbert’s Quasi-Faux Presidential Bid
  18. company town
    Rupert Murdoch Wins the PartyMEDIA • News Corp. surpassed Time Warner to become the largest media company on the planet, and Murdoch held off a shareholder revolt in order to keep his family tyranny in place. [Hollywood Reporter, USAT] • ESPN poached marquee columnist Rick Reilly from Sports Illustrated after 22 years with the mag. Dan Patrick, who SI just poached from ESPN, will take Reilly’s place at the back of the book. [NYT, Deadspin] • Stephen Colbert took his campaign to the Tim Russert show: “This is not a dream, you are not going to wake up from this. I am far realer than Sam Brownback.” [NYT]