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  1. just asking questions
    America’s Foremost Tipping Expert Hates the TouchscreensMichael Lynn on the proliferation of a deep-seated American custom.
  2. service issues
    Why Tips WonThey’re outdated. They’re discriminatory. And they aren’t going anywhere.
  3. select all
    Uber May Be Forced to Allow Tipping in Its App in NYCYou may be able to give a five-star review, and tip a dollar or two, at the end of an Uber ride in the near future.
  4. select all
    YouTube Announces Super Chat, Its Own Tip JarAnother revenue source for livestreamers.
  5. ah come on
    Reminder: Don’t Try to Tip Sanitation WorkersYour act of kindness can cost them their job.
  6. hoaxes
    Not-So-Stiffed Waitress Returning Donations [Updated]But that didn’t keep her from getting fired.
  7. Customers Deny They Stiffed Gay Waitress, Say We’re Being HoaxedTheir bill shows they tipped.
  8. overreactions
    The Sanitation Department Does Not Take Kindly to TipsGarbage men fined $2,000 for accepting $5 gratuity.
  9. cash cab
    Taxi Tips Down After Fare Increase, Except for a Rebellious FewSome tipping extra because they “don’t like to be pushed around.”
  10. issues not relevant to bloggers
    Doormen Recall Good, Bad, Delicious, Sexy TipsLike the 1991 Honda, and the near-naked photo.