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  1. morning shows
    Scarborough and Brzezinski Respond to Trump’s Crazy Murder Accusation“Today the president crossed another deeply disturbing line.”
  2. politics
    Trump Will Stage 100th-Day Rally to Compete With Correspondents’ DinnerThe president will celebrate his first 100 days in office by toasting himself and his many accomplishments.
  3. early and awkward
    President Trump Held a Signature-Free Signing CeremonyTrump’s reality presidency could use some more dress rehearsals.
  4. too early and often
    Trump Attempts Reset With Recycled Campaign Stump Speech in FloridaTrump has already chosen his 2020 opponents: the press and any version of reality that doesn’t come from him.
  5. today in donald trump
    Trump Says He’ll Skip Most Intelligence Briefings, Still Denies Russian MeddlingKiss another norm good-bye as the U.S. intelligence community braces for impact with the future president.
  6. today in donald trump
    Trump: The ‘Only Bad Thing’ About Becoming President Is Settling Fraud CaseHe’s upset with the consequences of the election, too.
  7. no transition
    Trump Claims He’ll Be ‘Very Restrained’ on Twitter As President, Then Isn’tExpect Trump’s Twitter habit to die hard.
  8. today in donald trump
    Trump Lawyers Want Fraud Case Moved to After January, When He’ll Be Less BusyThey argue he’ll have more time to address the Trump University allegations when he’s president.
  9. today in donald trump
    Final ‘October Surprises’ Reveal FBI Is Probing Trump’s Alleged Russia TiesNo direct link between Trump and Russia has been found, but Clinton supporters question why we’re only hearing about the investigation now.
  10. today in donald trump
    Trump Closes Out Campaign by Reigniting Feud With Gold-Star FamilyHe refused to apologize, and claimed again that Captain Khan would still be alive if he were president in 2004.
  11. today in donald trump
    Biden and Trump Are Talking About Fighting Each Other ‘Behind the Gym’Or maybe a barn. They can’t even agree on a location.
  12. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Claims He Will Sue Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual MisconductHe also implied he would use the presidency to break up media conglomerates that have published the women’s accusations.
  13. Trump Suggests Clinton Was on Drugs at DebateAt this point, Trump may spend the rest of the campaign “just asking questions.”
  14. nevertrump returns
    Trump Says He’ll Never Quit Presidential Race, But GOP Exodus Has BegunDozens of Republicans are calling for Trump to step down and be replaced with Mike Pence, but that seems more-or-less impossible at this point.
  15. today in donald trump
    Trump Bragged About Ivanka’s Body, ‘Inspecting’ Naked Miss Universe ContestantsMore recordings of Trump’s appearances on Howard Stern’s radio show have emerged.
  16. today in donald trump
    Trump Informs Nevadans That They Pronounce ‘Nevada’ Wrong“Nobody says it the other way, it has to be Nev-AAH-da,” Trump explained.
  17. today in donald trump
    Trump Finishes His Very Bad Week by Driving His Trainwreck Off a CliffHe mocked Clinton’s pneumonia stumble, suggested she wasn’t “loyal” to her husband, and rambled through multiple other attacks at a Saturday event.
  18. today in donald trump
    Trump Made a Cameo in a Playboy Softcore Porn VideoOf course he did.
  19. today in donald trump
    Trump Won’t Explain Potentially Illegal Cuba Dealings, But It May Not MatterScandal in a swing state is the last thing he needs, but it looks like Floridians may give him a pass.
  20. today in donald trump
    Report Finds Trump’s Foundation May Be Operating IllegallyIt’s not registered to solicit donations in New York.
  21. ‘No Sniffles,’ Trump Says, Denying the ObviousHe blamed the supposed sniffles on the “very bad” mic picking up his breathing.
  22. today in donald trump
    The Internet Has Some Theories About Why Trump Kept Sniffing at the DebatePeople who live in 58-story glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
  23. today in donald trump
    Mike Pence Says Trump Will Not Bring Gennifer Flowers to DebateTrump had suggested he’d invite Bill Clinton’s former mistress in retaliation for the Clinton campaign inviting Mark Cuban.
  24. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Plans $140 Million Ad Buy It Can’t Yet AffordThey only had $50 million on hand about three weeks ago.
  25. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Says Reporter Gets ‘Facts Wrong’ on Charity, Won’t Provide FactsThe Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold is just “obsessed” with Trump – who could be our next president – so how can we believe anything he says?
  26. deplorables
    Trump Wants to ‘See What Happens’ to Clinton If Her Bodyguards Are DisarmedHe said it would be “very dangerous” for Clinton without protection.
  27. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Splits With Trump, Disavows BirtherismThe campaign released a (false) statement after the candidate refused to admit Obama was born in the United States.
  28. Today in Donald Trump
    On 9/11, Trump Boasted About Having Tallest Building in Lower ManhattanHe said 40 Wall Street was “known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.”
  29. today in donald trump
    In Giuliani’s Alternate Reality, Trump Disavowed Birtherism Two Years AgoHe says Trump accepted Obama’s legitimacy two to five years ago, though there is no record of this.
  30. today in donald trump
    On Russian-Owned TV Network, Trump Downplays Fears About Russian InfluenceA day after praising Putin, he said it’s “probably unlikely” that he’s trying to sway the U.S. election.
  31. today in donald trump
    Trump Claims He Discussed $25K Donation With Florida AG, Not Fraud InvestigationThough, the campaign said he probably can’t remember the call.
  32. today in donald trump
    Ben Carson, World’s Worst Surrogate, Wants Trump to Apologize for BirtherismThe candidate — who’s never acknowledged that President Obama is American — has repeatedly refused to talk about the issue.
  33. today in donald trump
    Trump Claims He Never Spoke to Florida AG, Doesn’t Know How to Buy PoliticiansHer spokesperson says she personally asked for a donation.
  34. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Can’t Stop Pivoting on ImmigrationAfter reverting to his tough stance last week, he now says he’s undecided on a path to legalization.
  35. today in donald trump
    Trump Successfully Reads Prepared Remarks at Black Detroit ChurchHe said he was there to listen and learn, then saw Ben Carson’s house and left.
  36. fitness for office
    Trump’s Doctor Took Only 5 Minutes to Write Candidate’s Medical ReportThe rushed doctor, inspired by the candidate’s rhetoric, had declared that Trump would be the healthiest president in U.S. history.
  37. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Manager Stephen Bannon Charged With Domestic Violence in 1996His ex-wife said he pressured her not to show up in court so the case would be dropped.
  38. today in donald trump
    Stumped on Immigration Plan, Trump Gives Mob Rule a TryHe polled a Fox News audience on whether 11 million people should be deported, saying, “I mean, I don’t know, you tell me.”
  39. today in donald trump
    Trump’s New Strategy: Anger Hispanics and His Deportation-Loving BaseAfter admitting he’ll basically follow Obama’s deportation plan, he compared minority neighborhoods to “war zones.”
  40. today in donald trump
    Trump Wants a ‘Humane and Efficient’ Plan for Undocumented ImmigrantsHe seemed “open-minded” at a meeting with his Hispanic advisory council, but it’s not at all clear if the candidate will change his approach.
  41. Report: Trump-Owned Companies Owe at Least $650 MillionCall him MR. DEBT.
  42. today in donald trump
    Report: Emails Show Trump Advisers Ran Ukraine Lobbying Effort in U.S.If Paul Manafort wasn’t already demoted, this may have done it.
  43. today in donald trump
    Trump Asks Supporters to Prevent ‘Rigged’ Election by Becoming ‘Observers’What could go wrong?
  44. today in donald trump
    A Man Scaled Trump Tower and All He Got Was One Lousy TweetHe was trying to score a meeting with the GOP nominee.
  45. today in donald trump
    Trump Says ISIS ‘Honors’ Its ‘Founder,’ President ObamaClinton has been downgraded to ‘co-founder.’
  46. today in donald trump
    Report: GOP Strategists Are Getting Ready to Ditch Trump for the Down-TicketDespite Trump’s last-minute unity efforts, the spectacle of his flailing campaign is forcing the down-ticket to plan some distance.
  47. today in donald trump
    Warren Buffett Dares Trump to Release His Tax ReturnsWhy didn’t someone think of this sooner?
  48. Donald Trump Keeps Hitting Khans, Parents to Army Captain Killed in IraqThe parents of a fallen U.S. Army captain appeared on TV again Monday morning, and Trump tweeted his disapproval.
  49. today in donald trump
    Mother of Muslim American War Hero Pens Emotional Op-Ed Criticizing Trump“Without saying a thing, all the world, all America, felt my pain.”
  50. today in donald trump
    Trump Says Putin’s ‘Not Going Into’ UkraineTime to brush up on your geopolitics, Donald.
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