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Today In Torture

  1. today in torture
    Cheney May Not Cooperate With CIA Interrogation Probe“It’s an outrageous political act,” he says.
  2. today in torture
    Should We Subject Terrorist Detainees to Death by Minotaur?The ‘Onion’ asks the tough question.
  3. today in torture
    Dick Cheney Declares VictoryBut maybe he shouldn’t.
  4. today in torture
    Holder Names John Durham As Special Prosecutor on CIA Interrogation AbuseThis is the first step in the direction of criminal prosecution for CIA officers.
  5. today in torture
    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Says He Lied Under Enhanced InterrogationsBut was he lying about lying?
  6. today in torture
    Pentagon: Nope, No Rape in PhotosThe Pentagon denies an earlier report about the content of prisoner-abuse photos.
  7. today in torture
    Report: Unreleased Abu Ghraib Photos Show RapeA general who compiled a 2004 report on prison abuses in Iraq says the photos Obama has decided not to release contain graphic, devastating imagery.
  8. today in torture
    Charges Against Bush Administration Lawyers Over Torture Seem UnlikelyAn internal Justice Department report, while still incomplete, seems to indicate that different forms of disciplinary action will be recommended instead.
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    Bush Administration Still Leaning on Justice Department From Beyond the GraveThey’re trying to “soften” a report on the torture memos.
  10. today in torture
    Condi Rice Protected From Fourth-Grader’s Ruthless InquisitionThe word “torture” was removed from a student’s question to Bush’s secretary of State.
  11. today in torture
    Condi Rice Takes the Richard Nixon Approach to TortureNot the comparison you really want to invite, probably.
  12. today in torture
    Keith Olbermann Really Wants Sean Hannity to Get WaterboardedNow he’s calling Hannity yella if he doesn’t do it. You gonna take that, Hannity?
  13. today in torture
    Military Group That Developed Interrogation Tactics Labeled Them ‘Torture’ and Warned of ‘Unreliable Information’So, there’s that.
  14. today in torture
    Chris Smith: Why Obama’s Right on TortureDespite the growing maelstrom of posturing and commentary, Obama has drawn — and held — the proper line over Bush-era interrogation tactics.
  15. today in torture
    Today in Torture: Even If We Did Investigate Bush Lawyers, Could We Prosecute?Oh, and about that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
  16. today in torture
    Today in Torture: A Race to Approve Interrogations, With No Sense of HistoryNot only were Bush administration and Department of Defense officials fine with the recently detailed interrogation techniques, they were downright psyched.