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  1. power
    Katie Couric Is Not for EveryoneAfter her long career as America’s beloved morning-news anchor, she has decided to write a wild, unflinching memoir focused on the messy parts. Why?
  2. media
    Megyn Kelly Is Officially Walking Away From NBC With $69 MillionThe network is paying her the remainder of her contract, even after firing her following her comments defending blackface.
  3. George W. Bush Not Thrilled by Behavior of Monster He Helped CreateThe former president speaks out against Trump’s attempts to curtail press freedom and Muslim immigration.
  4. he’s ok
    What We Can Learn From Charlie Sheen’s Admission That He’s HIV-PositiveThis isn’t a scandal or a tragedy — it’s an important public-health moment about what HIV means in 2015.
  5. media
    Report: NBC Puts Pippa Middleton’s U.S. Invasion on HoldThanks, Brian Williams.
  6. media
    (Actually) True War Stories at NBC NewsThe trouble didn’t start with Brian Williams.
  7. media
    (Actually) True War Stories at NBC NewsThe trouble didn’t start with Brian Williams.
  8. media
    NBC Finds New Today Show BossFollowing the firing of general manager Jamie Horowitz.
  9. ebola
    U.S. Ebola Survivors Grateful This Thanksgiving for Plasma Donor DocThey thanked him during a Today show appearance.
  10. morning news news
    Couric Might Be Substitute Today Show HostDuring Savannah Guthrie’s maternity leave.
  11. the great morning tv war
    Today Show Takes Morning TV War to SiriusXMAll four hours will simulcast on the radio.
  12. media
    Carson Daly to Be the Young, Hip One on the Today ShowHe’s handling the social media room.
  13. morning news news
    Kathie Lee Gifford Wrote Ad Defending Matt LauerNot what he meant by keep it “in the family.”
  14. the great morning tv war
    Today Finds Handler’s Curry Quip OffensiveShe’s told to clean up her act, but Roker gets a pass.
  15. the great morning tv war
    Today Producer Behind Firing of Ann Curry Is Getting the BootHe’ll head NBC’s controversy-free Olympics coverage instead.
  16. the great morning tv war
    Morning Joe’s Willie Geist Is Headed to the Today ShowIf anyone can beat the curse of Ann Curry, it’s Willie.
  17. the great morning tv war
    On Second Thought, Today’s Ann Curry Curse May Be RealAlso possible: GMA is simply better than Today.
  18. Ann Curry Confirms Thursday Is Her Last Morning on TodayLeaks about her exit have “hurt deeply.”
  19. golden parachutes
    NBC Will Reportedly Make It Worth Ann Curry’s While to Leave TodayShe’ll get $10 million to say good-bye.
  20. all things penile
    Watch Hoda and Kathie Lee Talk Penis Size on the Today ShowThere’s no other way to put it.
  21. the great morning tv war
    ABC Adds Presumably Boozy GMA Spinoff Good Afternoon AmericaABC hopes to replicate the delirious magic of Kathie Lee and Hoda.
  22. media
    Matt Lauer to Sarah Palin: ‘Are You Reading Any Newspapers?’Everyone wins in these morning-show battles.
  23. the great morning tv war
    Today Sees GMA’s Katie Couric, Raises Them a Sarah PalinThat’s right, Mama Grizzly is headed to NBC.
  24. pranks
    Matt Lauer Planted Boxer Briefs in Meredith Vieira’s PurseBut they couldn’t possibly be his — she can recognize the panty line of a thong.
  25. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Wouldn’t Come Out of Her Bedroom for Matt Lauer or $50,000Even both put together!
  26. in other news
    Today Show to Meredith Vieira on Her Last Day: ‘Don’t Stop’The alpha morning show sends a message to viewers and rivals.
  27. in other news
    Ann Curry: Today Show Gang Like the Cast of FriendsThe new ‘Today’ lead anchor is nervous.
  28. in other news
    The Secret Bonus of Ann Curry’s Switch to Lead Co-Anchor at TodayNo more TelePrompTer.
  29. morning news news
    Meredith Vieira Will Leave Today in JuneIt’s official.
  30. the donald
    Donald Trump on Today: I Have People in Hawaii Researching Obama’s BirthJust when you thought he couldn’t become more of a birther.
  31. in other news
    TV Guide: Meredith Vieira Plans to Leave Today in the FallMornings without Meredith and evenings without Katie! What will we do?
  32. in other news
    TodayShow.com Launches With The Today.com ShowTry not to be confused.
  33. gays of our lives
    Johnny Weir: ‘I Don’t Celebrate Being White or Male, So Why Should I Celebrate Being Gay?’The “controversial” figure-skating star opens up to Meredith Vieira.
  34. la vida lohan
    Dina Lohan to Matt Lauer: So, Yeah, I Wasn’t Completely Honest With YouThe ninja strikes again!
  35. media ninjas
    An Ode to Softhearted Matt Lauer’s Secret Ninja SideWe love it when he drops a karate kick.
  36. today’s special
    Couric Could Return to Today?That’s what “Page Six” hears.
  37. heroes
    Scott Faulkner Thought Brother Had a ‘Good Chance’ of Killing Bin LadenBin Laden hunter Gary Brooks Faulkner had the support of his family.
  38. rubba bubba
    Jenna Bush Interviews Bill ClintonWe’re betting her dad had two reactions to this.
  39. obama is a human person
    Obama Makes Excuses for His Terrible BracketIt’s all health-care reform’s fault!
  40. in other news
    Meredith Vieira Renews Today ContractBut only for one year. HMMMM.
  41. sexual healing
    Steve Phillips on Sex Addiction: ‘You’ve Got a Hole That You Need to Fill’The former ESPN commentator discusses his visit to sex rehab on the ‘Today’ show.
  42. tiger catches tail
    Jamie Jungers on Today Show: I Loved Tiger WoodsThe cocktail waitress said Tiger left her “heartbroken.”
  43. white house
    The White House–Crashing Salahis on the Today Show: Just As Unconvincing As We SuspectedSo how did these people get past the Secret Service??
  44. in other news
    Does Al Roker Have It Out for Ben Lyons?It would be really random if he did, but there’s a character in the NBC weatherman’s book that sounds awfully familiar.
  45. in other news
    We Are Really Excited for Jenna Bush’s New Gig on the Today ShowRemember that time Ellen DeGeneres got her to call her parents at the White House on live television?
  46. Noted Republican Levi Johnston Would Not Vote for Sarah Palin for PresidentEspecially not after she “quit on Alaska.”
  47. america’s sweetheart
    Palin Basically Calls Letterman a Child MolesterBecause a bad joke is more than a bad joke.
  48. 21 questions
    Jean Chatzky Drinks DayQuil and Chardonnay (But Hopefully Not Together)The financial guru answers our usual 21 Questions.
  49. ballsy crimes
    Patti Blagojevich: Reality Television Is Necessary to Support My FamilyIs this also the solution for the over 6 million unemployed people in the United States?
  50. came-not
    Caroline Kennedy: I Didn’t Drop Out Because of KidsThe former contender to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate says it wasn’t an intervention by her kids that led her to step out of the race.
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