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Tom Coburn

  1. the national interest
    Senator Exposed D.C. Insanity for One NightThe residue of the Great Freak-out.
  2. white men with guns
    Old White Guys Pose With Big Gun: Welcome to CPAC 2014Senators Mitch McConnell and Tom Coburn kick things off right.
  3. congress
    Senator Tom Coburn Will Retire at the End of 2014He’s battling prostate cancer, but says that’s not why he’s leaving.
  4. early and awkward
    Senator Tom Coburn Is a Terrible FriendJust because he’s pals with Obama doesn’t mean he won’t impeach him.
  5. gun control
    GOP Senators Pressured to Join Gun FilibusterTom Coburn is resisting, for now.
  6. reversals
    GOP Senators Decide Todd Akin Isn’t So Bad After AllFour are co-hosting a fund-raiser for him this week. 
  7. full disclosure
    Congressional Insider Trading Ban Overwhelmingly Passes Procedural HurdleThe STOCK act moves forward after a 93–2 vote.
  8. early and awkward
    Tom Coburn Implies That He’d Like to Shoot His ColleaguesThis is probably something he’ll regret immediately.
  9. the eleventh hour
    GOP Split As August 2 Debt-Ceiling Deadline ApproachesCan’t agree on a Plan A, B, or C.
  10. baby men
    Senator Tom Coburn Is Not Happy With the World’s Most Famous Adult BabyBecause he’s getting Social Security.
  11. Peace and Civility to Reign Throughout the LandStarting with minimally downgraded political attack language.
  12. never forget
    Deal Reached on 9/11 Health-Care Bill [Update: It Passed]Tom Coburn gets some concession in exchange for not killing the bill.
  13. never forget
    Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Wants to Kill the 9/11 Health-Care BillTime is running out, and Coburn is aiming to ensure that it does.
  14. early and awkward
    Republican Senator Tom Coburn Would Vote for Literally Any Other Human Over Newt GingrichHe’s not a big fan.
  15. the supremes
    Elena Kagan Will Be Confirmed by a 65–35 VoteThat’s our prediction, anyway.
  16. Senator to Fab Fab: ‘How Did It Make You Feel’ to Have All of Your Personal E-mails Released?With little to go on, the Senate subcommittee starts prodding Goldman executives for an emotional reaction.
  17. Scott Brown Helps Break Another GOP Filibuster“I have pledged to do my best to change the tone in Washington,” Brown said.
  18. bons mots
    GOP Senator Insists That Nancy Pelosi Is Not a Fire-Breathing Jabberwocky, Gets Hissed AtOklahoma’s Tom Coburn calls Pelosi “a nice lady,” slams Fox News.
  19. things you obviously shouldn’t say
    GOP Movement to Oust Harry Reid Sputters, DiesWhy it should be no surprise that many Republicans are rallying to Reid’s defense.
  20. health carnage
    Health-Care Bill Slows to a Grinding HaltTom Coburn: “There will be several more attempts to derail this bill from a parliamentary standpoint by me.”