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  1. Slideshow: Welcome to Graydon’s CarteristanThe ‘Vanity Fair’ editor is secretly launching his own dictatorship right underneath our noses. He must be stopped!
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    Naked Pictures of Gisele and Carla Bruni Sell for Big BucksWhich one of these models is worth nearly $100,000 more than the other naked? What recently divorced Romeo is already trying to get his new lady knocked up? And did the tabloids miss out of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s wedding because they couldn’t get pictures? Or are they racist? All this and more in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Andy Warhol’s Townhouse Goes on the MarketThe hippest house on the Upper East Side offers a luxurious rooftop terrace, four bedrooms, a library, chef’s kitchen, staff suite, gym, seven wood-burning fireplaces, and serious élan for a mere $38.5 mil.
  4. in other news
    MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Is Filled With Flowers, LightPhil Griffin, NBC News’ senior vice-president in charge of MSNBC, revealed himself to be kind of an awesome hippie in today’s Los Angeles Times. “Our people are not in straitjackets,” he told the paper. “They speak openly; they’re passionate. There’s a liveliness and richness to the conversation that you don’t see on CNN or Fox.” A liveliness and a richness? Tom Freston excepted, this is not the way we’re used to hearing New York–based suits talk, which is why, upon reading this, we kind of fell a little bit in like with Griffin, more so when we remembered that Griffin was the guy who said to New York last year, regarding his friend Keith Olbermann, “It takes some people a long time to find their happiness.” We could practically hear the sitars and were totally enchanted. Then we found his “Vows” column.
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    Zang Toi Incorrectly Assumes That Sharon Stone Wants to Meet More Gay DudesSomeone hacked into designer Zang Toi’s computer and sent out an invitation to clients like Sharon Stone and Ivana Trump asking them to join Gayguyschat.com. Julian Schhabel wore pajamas under his jacket to the Critics Choice Awards. Duh. West Village neighbors of Tom Brady and Gisele are not happy that paparazzi now roam the blocks. Joey Buttafuoco is annoyed that a “friend” of his secretly filmed him having sex with his second wife and is now selling the footage. Lizzie Grubman is unable to lend support to any of the candidates because she is a convicted felon and thus can’t vote. Barbara Corcoran is now nicknamed “The Usher of the Flusher” after appearing on a Today show segment on luxurious bathrooms.
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    Tom Freston Is the Angelina Jolie of EducationMTV founder, multimillionaire, and newly appointed DreamWorks board member Tom Freston, whose longtime lawsuit against the city for reimbursement of his learning-disabled son’s tuition hits the Supreme Court today, wants you to know he’s not doing it for the money. Rather, Freston is suing because he believes that the light of his star will illuminate a deficiency in the system whereupon children with special needs are shuttled needlessly into a trial year at public schools when everyone knows they’d really be better off in private schools. “Children with special education needs have a right, without jumping through hoops, to attend schools capable of providing them with an education,” Freston said in a statement yesterday. Aw. Freston’s activism here, we think, is sort of similar to Angelina Jolie’s work with the U.N. You know, because every time we see a picture of her snuggling orphans in Pakistan and Malawi, we find that we completely stop thinking about whether she’s wearing makeup and her weird arm veins and what Brad thinks about her affair with Jenny Shimizu and just think about the children. Except not really. And today we’re not thinking about The One at all. Duel on Public Funds for Private School [AP]
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    Tom Freston Once Again the Pea to Sumner Redstone’s PrincessWe’re guessing Tom Freston is trying to stifle a smile as he sweats in his private ashram today, what with the news spreading that he was just appointed to the board of DreamWorks Animation. The powerful studio makes megapopular children’s movies like Shark Tale and the Shrek series, which are in turn marketed and distributed by Paramount. Paramount, you may recall, was under Freston’s purview when he was co-president of Viacom (before he was ousted in 2006). The appointment is a “clear act of defiance against Viacom,” explains Variety, as Freston will now have a hand in the future of the company. DreamWorks animation, while distributed by Viacom, is a publicly traded studio and therefore free of the corporate giant’s control. Which is all well and good for Freston, but we’re more excited about what this means for DreamWorks. Freston knows a lot about the “kids these days” from his years at MTV, which is what the company needs. We don’t know if we could take another Bee Movie–type publicity blitz. Dreamworks Animation Adds Freston [Variety]
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    Special NeedsParis Hilton will spend her 23 days in jail in a “special needs housing unit.” Steve Martin is not pleased at being portrayed as a killer in the satire Who’s Killing the Great Writers of America. Ian Spiegelman says the Post’s Richard Johnson accepted cash from a frequent “Page Six” subject. Filmmaker Michael Moore anonymously paid a critic’s medical bills.
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    It’s Enough to Drive You Crazy If You Let ItJessica Simpson botched a Dolly Parton cover in front of her idol at the Kennedy Center, fled the stage in tears. Beyoncé is throwing Jay-Z a four-day birthday party next weekend in St. Barts, and it may also double as a wedding. Gayle King sometimes uses the n-word with her close friends, but not around Oprah. And, we presume, never at the Laugh Factory. Eddie Murphy’s Spice Girl ex is pregnant, but Murphy isn’t sure he’s the father. Peter Cook said he’s having a “tough” time dealing with his impending divorce from Christie Brinkley — his first public comments since the split. A young staffer at Allure got fired for selling beauty products from the office on eBay. Jennifer Lopez admitted to not spending much time thinking about the younger generation of Hollywood stars. The horror! Larry King’s current wife claims yesterday’s “Page Six” item about her husband owing money in Miami is “invented,” says Larry has cleaned up his act and donates lots to charity. Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl are through, though Bass may already have another boy toy. Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor practice their stroke at the Midtown Tennis Club. Sienna Miller is not respectful of airport rules and regulations. Today’s “Page Six” has three blind items, two of which may or may not be about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Brad Grey, Tom Freston, and Jim Wiatt ate lunch together. Kate Winslet was instrumental in her husband Sam Mendes’s, uh, “nailing” Julianne Moore. Leonardo DiCaprio was nice to a fan. A bit of sad news: George Clooney’s 300-pound potbellied pig, Max, passed away.