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Tom Harkin

  1. vision 2020
    The Iowa Caucuses Aren’t Going Anywhere. Get Used to It.Complaints about Iowa’s unfair influence tend to miss that it’s already ceded a bit of power, and creating a new system is exceedingly difficult.
  2. what’s past is prologue
    When Senate and House Elections Go in Different DirectionsDemocrats making House gains and Republicans Senate gains is not unprecedented, but with ticket-splitting declining, it may not happen again soon.
  3. Iowa Could Be 2018’s Bellwether for DemocratsThe state that lurched heavily red in 2014 and 2016 could lurch back, and that would be significant given Iowa’s Trump-friendly demographics.
  4. When Two Warring Parties Share a State’s U.S. Senate SeatsThe number of “split” Senate delegations is declining steadily, and with it the phenomenon of voters deliberately choosing a senator from each party.
  5. the internet
    Too Many People Are Making Their Voices HeardCongressional websites are down all over.
  6. filibuster fail
    The Filibuster Lives!Loooooong live the filibuster!
  7. oh congress!
    Sadly, Filibuster Reform Bill Will FailOne senator is trying anyway, though.