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Tom Macarthur

  1. House GOP’s Immigration ‘Compromise’ Was a Bigger Flop Than Their Last BillThe more House Republicans negotiate with each other over immigration policy, the less they seem to agree.
  2. Vulnerable House Republican Ties Himself to TrumpTom MacArthur represents a swing district in a blue state. But he’s still more afraid of losing the conservative base than the center.
  3. GOP Lawmaker: No One Can Truly Know Whether My Bill Will Kill PeopleThe CBO says Trumpcare will price out poor sick people. MacArthur says CBO experts are “not prophets,” and the effects of his bill are unknowable.
  4. Moderate House GOP Leader Says No to Zombie TrumpcareCongressman Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania is a key player in Trump’s renewed health-care push. He’s having none of the new plan.