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  1. 2020 elections
    Disgraced Former Trump Cabinet Member Wants to Be Appointed to the U.S. SenateTom Price flew his way out of his job as HHS Secretary with travel expenses, but is applying for an open Senate seat.
  2. Auditor: Tom Price Owes Government $341,000 for Unauthorized Travel ExpensesIt’s amazing how much Price spent on travel that accomplished nothing of great note during just seven months in office.
  3. A Couple Republican Elites Just Admitted Their Agenda Is Built on LiesTom Price just said repealing the individual mandate raises premiums — while Marco Rubio confessed that corporate tax breaks aren’t helping workers.
  4. The Strangely Normal Exit of Tom PriceIf you’re going to break the rules, you better be in good standing with Trump first.
  5. Who Will Replace Tom Price at Health and Human Services?HHS Secretary Price embarrassed Donald Trump and went down the tubes. Finding a suitable replacement won’t be easy.
  6. Tom Price Resigns as Health and Human Services SecretaryAfter reports emerged about his expensive private jet travel.
  7. If Price Is Fired, What About the Rest of Trump’s Private-Jet-Loving Cabinet?The president hinted that he might ax his embattled HHS secretary, but Mnuchin, Pruitt, and Zinke’s travel habits have come under scrutiny too.
  8. Like Tom Price, Scott Pruitt Spent More Than $58K on Noncommercial FlightsUnlike Price, the EPA director also spent $25,000 in taxpayer money on a soundproof booth for his office.
  9. ethics
    Tom Price Used Private Jets for Trips That Mixed Business With PleasureHis “demanding schedule” did not allow for commercial flights — but included lunch with his son and arriving at a resort 40 hours early.
  10. HHS Secretary Tom Price Has Given Up His Private-Jet Habit, for NowHe acknowledges, “The optics in some of this don’t look good.”
  11. Heathcare.gov to Go Down for Maintenance During Obamacare Enrollment PeriodAt a minimum, it’s negligent. But also could be the Trump administration’s latest attempt to sabotage Obamacare.
  12. ethics
    HHS: Tom Price Spent $300K on Private Jets Because He’s a Man of the PeopleWhen asked why he took 24 flights on private charter planes since May, HHS said Price is “focused on hearing from Americans across the country.”
  13. Health Sec. Tom Price, Critic of Wasteful Spending, Insists on Flying PrivateJust last week, Price flew on a chartered jet to Philadelphia, spending tens of thousands of dollars to travel 135 miles.
  14. Journalist No Longer Facing Jail Time for Asking HHS Secretary a QuestionA West Virginia prosecutor’s office has dropped its charges against Dan Heyman, who was arrested in May for “aggressively” questioning Tom Price.
  15. Trump’s Solution to Opioid Crisis: Tell Kids Drugs Are ‘No Good’Trump’s suggestion comes as he rejects his drug commission’s recommendation to declare a national emergency.
  16. Tom Price at HHS Is Just What the Doctors OrderedOut of the spotlight, HHS secretary Tom Price has been busily dismantling regulations that hold his fellow physicians accountable for results.
  17. Trump Administration Used Public Funds to Sabotage the Health-Care SystemLast year, Trump promised universal health care. Now, to build support for throwing millions off insurance, his team is trying to make Obamacare fail.
  18. the national interest
    Republicans Give Away the Game on TrumpcareTom Price admits that insurance companies will go back to weeding out the sick.
  19. politics
    Tom Price on Health-Care Bill: Up Is DownThe Trump administration gets Orwellian in its efforts to repeal Obamacare.
  20. California’s Single-Payer Bill Halted by Democratic Assembly SpeakerCiting two big procedural bars to enactment of a single-payer plan, Speaker Anthony Rendon stopped action on it, inviting attacks from proponents.
  21. Republicans Win Georgia’s Special Election, Democrats Search for a Moral VictoryBy dominating early voting and convincing GOP voters that her opponent was outside the mainstream, Karen Handel posted a comeback victory.
  22. Georgia’s Extra-Special Election Enters the Final StretchIn a race that’s too close to call, both parties are seeing a potential harbinger for what will happen in the 2018 midterms.
  23. How Bad Was Georgia Republican Karen Handel’s ‘Livable Wage’ Gaffe?In the nation’s most expensive House race, Jon Ossoff’s opponent stepped in it.
  24. Tom Price Bought Pharma Stocks — Then Lobbied for the Industry in AustraliaThe Health secretary’s blatant corruption grows even more blatant.
  25. media
    HHS Secretary Commends Police for Arresting Journalist Who Asked Him a QuestionPrice notes the reporter approached him in a hallway, “not in a press conference,” and says, “Police acted as they felt necessary.”
  26. Trump Administration May Be Holding Obamacare HostageIt’s hedging on continuing insurer subsidies needed to keep the program working. Is it a ploy to force Dems to negotiate?
  27. just asking questions
    Kathleen Sebelius Knows Better Than Anyone How Trump Can Mess With ObamacareHealth Secretary under Obama, she describes how the program can be foiled — or fixed — by Team Trump.
  28. Democrat Gaining Ground in Georgia Special Election to Replace Tom PriceA new survey shows well-funded Democrat Jon Ossoff ahead of or even with his most likely GOP rivals in a second-round runoff in June.
  29. Report: Fired U.S. Attorney Bharara Was Investigating Health Secretary Tom PricePreet Bharara was overseeing an investigation into the Health secretary’s stock trades when the Trump administration demanded his resignation.
  30. Trump Health Secretary: States Should Only Require Vaccines If They Feel Like ItGood thing infectious diseases can’t cross state lines.
  31. Despite Trump Speech, Conservative Rebels Not Budging on ObamacareWe are being told Trump gave clear direction to the congressional GOP on how to repeal and replace Obamacare. If so, conservatives aren’t hearing it.
  32. Trump: We’re Submitting a Health-Care Plan! Tom Price: No, We’re Not!This administration is a fine-tuned machine.
  33. Georgia’s Special Election to Replace Tom Price Is Still the GOP’s Race to LoseIn a suburban Atlanta district Trump only carried by one point, Democrats have a viable candidate but a poor turnout record in this kind of election.
  34. Tom Price Is the Perfect Villain for Obamacare DefendersThe upside of Price’s confirmation for Democrats: A (seemingly) corrupt opponent of Medicare is now the face of Obamacare repeal.
  35. Republicans Buck Boycott, Vote for Price and Mnuchin Without Democrats PresentAfter a Democratic boycott, Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee changed the rules so they could advance the cabinet nominees by themselves.
  36. Senate Democrats Boycott Votes on Two of Trump’s Key Cabinet NomineesAfter misleading statements from Trump’s picks — and mass protests in blue America — Democrats are in the mood for obstruction.
  37. More Trouble for Tom Price on His Biomedical InvestmentsOn the eve of a committee vote on his confirmation, new evidence shows Price may have gotten a sweet deal on a dubious stock purchase.
  38. Is Trump Administration Flying Without a Flight Plan?The president is looking anything but passive so far. But on big, important issues, there’s no sense of a policy infrastructure.
  39. Some Interesting New Clues About What the GOP Is Thinking on Health CareThe party seems to be resisting some of the president-elect’s demands.
  40. Trump’s HHS Pick Stumbles in Hearing Over Questionable Purchase of Biotech StockHe admitted something that poked a hole in the incoming administration’s official line on the controversy.
  41. Tom Price Introduced Bill to Help Company After Buying StockTrump’s pick for Health Secretary later received money from the company’s PAC, too.
  42. Trump Keeps Screwing Up Republican Plans to Repeal ObamacareFirst, he blew up the GOP’s repeal-and-delay strategy. Now, he’s talking like a liberal Democrat about out-of-pocket costs.
  43. Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Traded Medical Stocks While in CongressTom Price traded more than $300,000 in shares of health-care companies while sponsoring legislation that would likely affect the value of the shares.
  44. Trump’s Health Secretary Might Undo a Key Reform Containing Medical CostsTom Price has been skeptical of value-based health-care initiatives many Republicans support. Now he is in a position to do real damage to them.
  45. early and often
    Trump Shows Commitment to Destroying Obamacare by Picking Tom Price for HHSMany Republicans rail against the ACA. Price actually has a detailed, comprehensive plan to replace it.
  46. the national interest
    House Republicans Unveil Plan for Replacing ObamacareYou’ll get nothing and like it.
  47. early and awkward
    Georgia Congressman Tom Price Regularly Attends Taylor Swift ConcertsKind of creepy.