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Tompkins Square Park

  1. neighborhood news
    Tompkins Square Park Sculpture Gets Installed, Crocheted, and Defaced in the Space of Three DaysThanks for the memories, Alphabet City.
  2. neighborhood news
    Tompkins Square Park Just Not the Same Without Hordes of Dirty VagabondsThe crusties are mysteriously missing.
  3. photo op
    Wondering If the Water in Tompkins Square Park Is Safe? Try Setting It on FireIt’s “most likely safe.”
  4. neighborhood news
    Permanent Ping-Pong Table to Be Installed in Tompkins Square Park Next WeekendPerfect for impromptu afternoon games! Or, more realistically, naps for the homeless.
  5. neighborhood news
    Scott Stringer to Chloë Sevigny: You Can’t Just Walk Onto the Community BoardThe Manhattan borough president thinks the actress is maybe overreaching.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Accidents Happen … Even Within View of the Shake ShackHapless poopers in Madison Square Park? Porn kings threatening comedy kings in Times Square? Radicals burning good money in the East Village? The links in today’s boroughs report must be clicked to be believed!