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Tony Bees

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    Former NYPD Bee Guy Takes Swipe at DepartmentTony Bees left the NYPD amid accusations that he was keeping the bees he removed on the job to make honey that he sold for profit.
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    50,000 Bees in a Condo Bring Superhero Out of RetirementTony Bees to the rescue.
  3. new york’s finest
    NYC, Beware: Tony Bees, the NYPD Bee Guy, Is RetiringLeaving us to face the swarms on our own.
  4. new york’s finest
    NYPD Hero Tony Bees Is Ready for the Busy SeasonHe cleared a 24,000-strong swarm from Williamsburg on Wednesday.
  5. neighborhood news
    NYPD Bee Guy, Tony Bees, on Swarm of 30,000: ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Truck’Yes, the NYPD has a bee guy.
  6. neighborhood news
    The NYPD’s ‘Tony Bees’ Explains His Battlefield Strategy “You have to hit them fast and hit them hard.”