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  1. cleaning up
    BP Could Face Manslaughter Charges for Deepwater Horizon DeathsBut don’t worry, the executives are still safe.
  2. cleaning up
    BP Is Back to Being ProfitableHeckuva third quarter, BP!
  3. cleaning up
    The BP Oil Well Is Now ‘Physically Incapable of Leaking Another Drop’Were all of your other issues from last summer resolved?
  4. parting is such sweet sorrow
    Tony Hayward’s Next Career: Poet?His thoughts on leaving BP.
  5. cleaning up
    Tony Hayward to Get Annual Pension of Close to $1 MillionBP CEO will be sitting on piles of money in Russia.
  6. cleaning up
    BP May Literally Banish Tony Hayward to SiberiaWell, Moscow, at least.
  7. cleaning up
    Tony Hayward Reportedly Stepping DownFor real, this time!
  8. cleaning up
    Denied Reports of Tony Hayward’s Dismissal Make the Rounds Again [Updated]Will he leave soon, though?
  9. cleaning up by getting dirty
    BP Pumps in Mud As CEO Departure Rumor Pumps Its StockWill the spill outlast Tony Hayward?
  10. bp
    London Times: Tony Hayward to Step DownBP immediately denies claim.
  11. bp
    BP Cuts Payments on 40,000 ClaimsWhile Tony Hayward watches the World Cup and eats seafood.
  12. cleaning up
    Shockingly, BP Not Likely to Reward Tony Hayward With Golden Parachute on ExitThis seems like a no-brainer, but not so.
  13. cleaning up
    Meet BP’s New Gulf Boss, Less British Than BP’s Old Gulf BossRobert Dudley takes over for Tony Hayward in the Gulf today.
  14. tony hayward
    BP CEO Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back With a Yacht RaceCertainly you can plug an oil spill remotely from a yacht race. Why not?
  15. cleaning up
    Tony Hayward Hands Over Worst Job in the World to Someone ElseGet ready to blame Bob Dudley for things.
  16. cleaning up
    Tony Hayward Overcomes Interruptions From Protester, CongressmanIt wasn’t an easy opening statement for the BP CEO.
  17. cleaning up
    GOP Congressman Says the Real Oil-Spill Tragedy Is How We’re Treating BPHe doesn’t even want to live in this country anymore, he’s so angry.
  18. cleaning up
    Why Is Tony Hayward Smiling?You’re not allowed to smile!
  19. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Defends Villains Du JourLeave Tony Hayward and the Empire State Building alone!
  20. cleaning up
    President Obama Walks a Tightrope of Anger With BPObama would fire BP CEO Tony Hayward, but he won’t yell at him.
  21. cleaning up
    BP CEO Tony Hayward Does Not Want His Life Back AnymoreTony Hayward apologizes for being an insensitive ass.