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Tony Perkins

  1. christian right
    Fighting Impeachment As Spiritual WarfareThe Christian Right is more invested in Trump’s survival — beyond an impeachment trial and the next election — than ever.
  2. Evangelical Leaders Give Trump a Pass for Alleged Porn-Star AffairFranklin Graham and Tony Perkins say Trump is a changed man.
  3. Cruz Forces Plan Platform FightHaving lost the GOP nomination, the Christian-right soldiers elected to support Ted Cruz in Cleveland are girding up their loins to place their stamp on the party platform.
  4. civil rites
    RNC Head Says Gay Marriage Isn’t Civil RightsOthers also have opinions. 
  5. values voter summit dispatch
    The Mormon Discussion That Was Always Going to Happen Is Now HappeningAfter a Perry-backing pastor calls Mormonism a “cult,” the religious question has burst into the forefront of the race. We talked to Values Voter Summit attendees to see what they thought.
  6. values voter summit dispatch
    Hello, From the Values Voter SummitThe annual gathering of social conservatives.
  7. equal rites
    Rick Perry Lays Out His Incomprehensible Views on Gay MarriageRemember when he said it was “fine” with him that New York legalized gay marriage? It’s not. OR IS IT?