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Too Big To Fail

  1. weillding out
    Sandy Weill Goes H.A.M. on Big BanksHas Sandy Weill been watching ‘The Newsroom’?
  2. politics
    Obama’s Economic Team Was an Infighting Mess, According to Suskind BookThe president might have let Citigroup dissolve.
  3. fi-cri famous
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Gets His Close-UpThe ‘Times’ reporter’s book — and face — hit the small screen this week.
  4. the coming econopocalypse
    Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin Forgot He Was Speaking to a Room Full of Hedge Funds“That one landed with a thud.”
  5. the coming econopocalypse
    How Being Too Big to Fail Created a Banking MenaceWho is “one of the most dangerous bankers in the world”?
  6. tarpies
    TARP Inspector’s Exit Interview: Big Banks Are Bigger, Main Street Got ScrewedNeil Barofsky, not a huge TARP fan.
  7. too big to fail
    Bank of America Invents New MathThey said they reviewed more than 100,000 documents when they really reviewed 1,000.
  8. housing
    The Government Is Not Happy With the Banks and Their Third-Quarter ProfitsThe New York Fed tells the banks to take back their crappy mortgages, while the White House finishes one big investigation and starts another.
  9. earnings report
    Bank of America, Goldman Sachs Post (Relatively) Weak EarningsBank of America lost $7.3 billion, Goldman just lost a little of its luster.
  10. too big to fail
    So Who Gets to Be Hotter in the Too Big to Fail HBO Adaptation Than They Are in Real Life?Answer: most people.
  11. flattering casting
    Billy Crudup Will Play Tim Geithner in HBO’s Too Big to FailSo he told Fox Business just now.
  12. banks
    Senate Votes Against Amendment Designed to End ‘Too Big to Fail’Three Republicans vote for the provision.
  13. the ceo whisperer
    Too Big to Fail and Zombies to Be Produced by HBOThis is may be a missed opportunity.
  14. sorkinfreude
    Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Sweet Vanity PlatesThe ‘Times’ DealBook editor is 2B2F.
  15. finance fiction
    Excerpt: Too Big to Fail and ZOMBIESWhat could be a bigger seller than Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book about the financial crisis? Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book about the financial crisis with ZOMBIES.