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    Trump Threatens to Kill NAFTA After U.S., Mexico Reach Preliminary Trade DealPresident Trump claims he’ll be terminating the old agreement, but his administration’s actions say otherwise.
  2. trade war
    Trump Threatens to End All Trade With AlliesHe also suggested that there be no trade barriers of any kind among the G7.
  3. Trump’s Demands Have Deadlocked NAFTA TalksMexico, Canada, and the U.S. have agreed to delay the next round of talks, as White House continues to insist on reforms its neighbors won’t abide.
  4. Why Trump Just Might Blow Up NAFTASince losing a proxy battle with Breitbart in Alabama, the president has been increasingly willing to sow chaos for the far right’s pleasure.
  5. Trump Administration Poised to Make Deal-Killing NAFTA DemandsTrump wants to put tariffs on cars that aren’t made from at least 50 percent U.S.-made parts. Mexico, Canada, U.S. carmakers say that’s a bad idea.
  6. NAFTA Was Saved by Kushner and Trudeau — or Maybe It Was Never Even in DangerReports question what really happened on the day Trump nearly killed the trade deal, then suddenly agreed to renegotiate.
  7. Trump Signals He Will Seek Relatively Modest Changes to NAFTADuring the campaign, Trump promised to “rip up” the trade agreement. Now, his administration appears content to make NAFTA a bit more like the TPP.
  8. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is DeadChuck Schumer has informed labor leaders that the trade agreement will not be ratified by Congress.