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Trade Policy

  1. vision 2020
    Warren Releases ’Ambitious’ Labor PlanAt a time of cautious optimism for unions in the fight against corporate power and the GOP, Warren and Sanders lead in addressing labor policy.
  2. vision 2020
    Democrats Are Reviving an Old Populist TraditionBold proposals from 2020 candidates aimed at reforming how government works could change Democrats’ reputation as the party of government itself.
  3. vision 2020
    Heartland Progressive Sherrod Brown Won’t Run for President in 2020He was invisible in the polls, but Brown was widely thought to have potential as a progressive who appealed to white working-class voters.
  4. Koch Brothers to Spend Millions Fighting Against Trump’s Trade War AgendaIn an unusual step, one of the GOP’s major allies is putting actual money into an attack on Trump’s trade policies.
  5. Trump Benches Trade Adviser for Being ‘Erratic and Unprofessional’Trump’s economic adviser, longtime China critic Peter Navarro, has been sidelined for behaving “erratically and unprofessionally,” Bloomberg reports.
  6. Trump Doubles Down on a Trade War He Can’t WinMore tariffs on China may sate the president’s ego, but won’t do anything to help Americans.
  7. trade war
    Trump Threatens to Tax European Cars If His Trade War EscalatesThe president says he’ll retaliate against any retaliation.
  8. trump administration
    Grown-ups Are Not Running America’s Foreign PolicyA group of Model U.N. teenagers could probably pick and execute policies better than this administration.
  9. As He Prepares to Blow Up NAFTA, Trump Warms to a New Trade Deal With CanadaNegotiators are meeting to save NAFTA, but Trump doesn’t seem to want that.
  10. Trump to EU: Germany Is ‘Bad, Very Bad’ for Selling Too Many Cars in U.S.According to a German newspaper, the president said he’s going to “stop” Germany from selling so many cars.
  11. Trump Trashes the House GOP’s Tariff-Free Approach to Trade PopulismThis week, Trump disparaged Paul Ryan’s plan to give U.S. exporters a tax break, while renewing his call for enormous tariffs on imported goods.
  12. China Warns Trump About Its ‘Big Sticks’An editorial in state-run media says Trump is building an “iron curtain” of protectionism.
  13. Poll: Republicans Are Now More Anti–Free Market Than DemocratsYouGov finds that 57 percent of Republicans believe that the “free market” has been failing the United States — only 33 percent of Democrats agree.