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Traffic Jams

  1. GW Bridge Shut Down for Second Time in a Week — This Time by Shirtless ManHe climbed one of the span’s towers. Cops talked him down.
  2. Protesters Block Traffic on George Washington BridgeThey were reportedly protesting immigrant and workers’ rights.
  3. oh new jersey
    Christie Staff Basically Sexted About Their Traffic Jam Fantasies [Updated]New texts reveal an obsession with revenge via transportation delays.
  4. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Passive Apology, AnnotatedHow would the governor’s remarks have sounded with active voice?
  5. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Apologizes for Bridge Scandal, Insists He Had No IdeaThe contrite New Jersey governor has fired a top staffer he blames for the traffic jam.
  6. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Is the Butt of Bridge Jokes As Scandal Gets SeriousThe New Jersey governor will meet the press at 11 a.m.
  7. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Blames Bridge Scandal on Staff“What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable.”
  8. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Goons Really Did Cause a Traffic Jam As Revenge“I feel badly about the kids. I guess.”
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    Photogenic Truck Fire Temporarily Shuts Down Queensboro BridgeAn oxygen tank exploded at dusk.
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    New York May Get Speed Cameras to Ensure City Traffic Remains Maddeningly SlowPossible bonus: Fewer dead pedestrians.
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    China’s Epic Traffic Jam Is Already GoneAw, we were just starting to really enjoy this story.