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  1. trains
    East Palestine Deserves New Rail-Safety Reforms NowMore stringent regulation is justified no matter what the investigation into the Norfolk Southern derailment finds.
  2. transportation
    Amtrak Train Derails in Montana, Killing 3 PeopleAs many as 50 people were injured. The cause of the derailment, which sent eight cars off the tracks, is not yet clear.
  3. Despite Fatal Accidents, Train Safety Still Isn’t a Top Priority for WashingtonMore pressing than Trump’s fanciful infrastructure plan: Why haven’t we implemented technology that could have prevented hundreds of train deaths?
  4. Amtrak Points Finger at Freight-Train Firm After Another Deadly CrashExperts say the long-overdue installation of positive train control technology could have prevented the crash, Amtrak’s third in seven weeks.
  5. 42 Injured in Train Crash Outside of PhiladelphiaA high-speed train hit another train parked at the station in Upper Darby.
  6. select all
    Can You Figure Out What’s Happening in This Very British Bagel Video?“On his head he’s got a bagel!”
  7. infrastructure
    Delayed Technology Upgrade Might Have Prevented Hoboken Train WreckAll U.S. passenger trains are required to install positive train control software by the end of 2018.
  8. transportation
    New Bar Cars May Make Commuting on the Metro-North BearableAfter a two-year absence, bar cars are returning to the New Haven line.
  9. subway week
    Dogs Have Been Delaying Trains for 111 YearsA brief history of adorable subway delays.
  10. oh congress!
    Months After Fatal Crash, Senate Considers Extending Train-Safety DeadlineThough railroads had seven years to install the system.
  11. accidents
    Derailed Amtrak Train Wasn’t Hit by a BulletBut the FBI hasn’t ruled out the possibility that something else hit the windshield.
  12. trains planes and automobiles
    Amtrak Trains May Be Sort of Empty Today, But They’re Still As Safe As EverThe question gets asked after every transportation tragedy.
  13. accidents
    Amtrak Train Was Going at Least 100 MPH Before CrashThe speed limit was 50 mph.
  14. accidents
    6 Dead After Metro-North Train Collides With SUVIt’s the deadliest crash in the railroad’s already-troubled history.
  15. very sad things
    Train Hits Schools Bus in India, Killing 19All but one was a child. 
  16. metro-north derailment
    Engineer in Metro-North Derailment Has a Sleep DisorderHe was “dazed” before the accident.
  17. stand clear of the derailed train
    Train Operator in O’Hare Crash Fell Asleep, and It Wasn’t the First TimeShe just “closed her eyes” for a moment.
  18. stand clear of the derailed train
    Sleepiness Might Have Been a Factor in Train Crash at Chicago O’HareThe operator was reportedly “extremely tired” after working overtime.
  19. family circus
    The Circus Is in Town: Playing Pool With the Ringling Bros. RingmasterThe first black barker for The Greatest Show on Earth describes life among the clowns and acrobats.
  20. transportation
    Computer Glitch Leaves Metro-North at a StandstillFilling Grand Central with stranded commuters.
  21. metro-north derailment
    After Metro-North Derailment, Senators Push Overdue Safety UpgradesSpecifically, putting cameras on trains.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    Woman Survives Getting Pushed in Front of Metro North TrainAfter she denied a panhandler.
  23. terrible things
    Video Captures Moment Train Derails in Spain, Killing at Least 78 People“We’re only human!” the driver wailed. “We’re only human!” 
  24. accidents
    Colliding Trains Caused Very Scary-Looking Missouri Bridge CollapseSeven were injured.
  25. stand clear of the derailed train
    Here’s How to Navigate Your Connecticut Commute TomorrowWhile crews rebuild 2,000 feet of track caused by Friday’s derailed train.
  26. stand clear of the derailed train
    Dozens Injured in Connecticut Train Crash; Northeast Service Suspended [Updated]Metro-North and Amtrak might not be running until the beginning of next week.
  27. first-world problems
    Amtrak’s Wi-Fi Supposedly Works NowBut you still can’t watch Netflix.
  28. accidents
    Dozens Injured in California Amtrak DerailmentA big rig hit a passenger train about 200 miles north of Los Angeles.
  29. transportation
    New York and New Jersey Connected by Decrepit Trains, Drooping WiresNJ Transit and Amtrak are getting really old.
  30. stand clear of the closing doors
    Woman Bathes in New York City Subway CarThis is not a sexy “Improv Everywhere” stunt.
  31. terrorble
    Chuck Schumer Suggests Not Letting Terrorists Blow Up TrainsInteresting.
  32. terrorble
    Feds Issue Railroad Security Advisory Following Bin Laden RaidThere are no plans to issue a terror alert.
  33. stand clear of the closing doors
    And the Letter of the Week Is R, for RevoltingThat’s the subway line that’s the grossest, which will come as no surprise to riders.
  34. hobos
    The Times Finds Genuine Hobo in Riverside ParkFinally, someone in Manhattan riding the rails the old-fashioned way.
  35. it just happened
    Clothesless Man Jumps From Rockaway Railroad Trestle Into Frigid Jamaica BayPolice are looking for him now.
  36. awful things
    Seriously, Do Not Walk Between Cars on a Moving Subway TrainA woman attempting to do so earlier this year fell between cars and was run over by eleven trains.
  37. oh australia!
    AGAIN With the Babies Rolling Into the Train Tracks, Australia?How does this keep happening?!?
  38. holiday hell
    No Trains Going In or Out of Penn StationIf you need to go to New Jersey, you’ll have to find another way.
  39. neighborhood news
    What’s Behind the Wall?Check out this ongoing documentary project in Brooklyn, which involves the world’s oldest subway tunnel, a secret hidden steam locomotive, and maybe even the assassination of President Lincoln.
  40. count your blessings
    This Woman Has the Worst Commute EverIt can take nearly four hours each way.
  41. neighborhood watch
    Nobody’s New Year’s Eve Was As Bad As This OneFreezing and most likely wasted, on a conked-out commuter train, till dawn.
  42. in other news
    Mysterious Busker Just ‘Happens’ to Serenade BloombergWe’re suspicious of this seemingly charming story.
  43. intel
    Where Is New York’s Worst Smell?Summertime means smelly time in this town! Let us know what places we should be avoiding as the heat climbs to the hundreds.