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Transgender Issues

  1. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Trump Is a Massive Failure — and Getting Exactly What He WantsAt the level of governance, he’s a catastrophe. But meanwhile he keeps tightening his grasp on the country.
  2. transgender rights
    Court Won’t Change Virginia Transgender RulingThe ruling was the first to find transgender students are protected under Title IX.
  3. Are Republicans Falling Into a Democratic Trap on Transgender Bathrooms?Cultural conservatives are going crazy on an issue most people don’t care about at all.
  4. Trump: Transgender Issues Is About States RightsSocial conservatives are calling Obama’s directive on transgender students an attack on children. Will they be content with a presidential candidate who refuses to defend their position on the merits?
  5. lgbt rights
    Obama Issues Trans-Discrimination GuidelinesThe letter will be distributed to every public-school district in the nation today.
  6. Donald Trump Comes Out Against North Carolina’s ‘Very Strong’ Bathroom BillThe GOP front-runner says transgender people should “go and use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.”
  7. military
    Pentagon Might Lift Transgender Ban Soon Officials would have half a year to decide how the change would affect military policy before formalizing a new one.
  8. horrible things
    U.S. Marine Charged in Murder of Transgender WomanHe allegedly strangled and drowned her in the Philippines.
  9. hate crimes
    Transgender Woman Attacked in Brooklyn Hate Crime“Transgender people are still not safe in what is supposed to be the safest LGBT city in the world.”