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  1. the law
    You Can Still Say ‘Woman.’ But You Shouldn’t Stop ThereWhat does trans-inclusive abortion advocacy look like?
  2. politics
    ‘You Only Let a Bully Go So Long’: Marie Newman Takes on Marjorie Taylor GreeneThe Democrat explains why she planted a transgender pride flag across from Greene’s office, and says she finds her response “absolutely hysterical.”
  3. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: The Hard Questions About Young People and Gender TransitionsThe ideological campaign to affirm trans kids and teens, while admirable and often essential, also risks overreach.
  4. the law
    Gender Discrimination Is On the Line at the Supreme CourtThe first transgender discrimination case to reach the high court could roll back gender protections for everyone.
  5. interesting times
    The American System Is Already FailingTrump is attacking both the rule of law and our constitutional norms – and the Mueller hearings underscored that he’ll largely go unchallenged.
  6. the city
    Layleen Polanco’s Death Haunts a Prideful CelebrationJust weeks before the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, Polanco, a transgender woman, died in a solitary confinement cell at Riker’s.
  7. politics
    Trump’s Alliance With Evangelicals Is at the Heart of His Anti-Transgender PushTrump must prove himself to his evangelical base, so he’s advancing their belief that gender is fixed by God and traditional roles must be protected.
  8. 2018 elections
    Vermont’s Christine Hallquist Wins Primary, Could Be First Transgender GovernorHallquist won Vermont’s Democratic gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, and will now face GOP incumbent Phil Scott, whose popularity just took a dive.
  9. Sessions Sends DOJ Lawyer to Prosecute Murder of Transgender Iowa TeenThe attorney general vowed to “enforce hate crime laws aggressively,” despite making other moves to limit transgender rights.
  10. White House Finds Solution to Transgender Military Ban: Delay, Let Mattis DecideThe reported plan gives Mattis six months to figure out what Trump’s tweets mean for service members — and by then the courts may have weighed in.
  11. Supreme Court Takes on Transgender Bathroom CaseThe Court will rule on a case about a transgender public-school student’s right to use the bathroom that fits with his gender identity.
  12. California Mandates Gender-Neutral Restrooms in Public BuildingsThe new law applies only to single-user bathrooms; segregating these facilities by gender, its sponsor says, “defies common sense.”
  13. lgbt
    Ohio Judge Upholds Federal Guidelines for Transgender StudentsHe called on a local school district to treat a female transgender student “like the girl she is.”
  14. lgbt rights
    North Carolina Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law Over Transgender Bathroom FearsThey rushed to pass the law in less than a day, at a cost of $42,000.
  15. think of the children
    South Dakota Bravely Defends Bathrooms From Transgender KidsThe state is one signature away from keeping transgender students out of restrooms for the gender they identify with.
  16. identity
    Change.org Petition Wants to Take the T Out of LGBTOne anonymous gay man’s fight against supposed transgender tyranny.
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chelsea Manning Threatened With Solitary Over Expired ToothpasteShe’s also accused of sweeping food on the floor and having the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Court Orders Military to Refer to Chelsea Manning As ‘She’The government had argued the switch wouldn’t “serve the interest of justice.”
  19. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Man Arrested Two Years After Fatal Beating of Transgender WomanIslan Nettles’s death is being prosecuted as manslaughter, not a hate crime.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    Military Will Provide Chelsea Manning With Hormone TreatmentAfter she filed a federal lawsuit.
  21. oh russia
    Russia Decides Transgender People Are Unfit to DriveReally.
  22. identity politics
    It’s About to Get Easier to Update the Sex on Your Birth CertificateA move toward more rights for transgender New Yorkers.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chelsea Manning Sues Government for Failing to Provide Gender TreatmentManning says she won’t “survive another year or two – let alone twenty to thirty years — without treatment.”
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Army Will Provide Gender Treatment for Chelsea ManningAfter the civilian prison system refuses its transfer request.
  25. media
    ABC Fired Transgender Employee Dawn Ennis After a Complicated SagaA transition in the workplace.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chelsea Manning May Be Moved to Civilian Prison for Gender TreatmentThe Pentagon is pursuing a transfer.
  27. equal rites
    Hagel Is ‘Open’ to Reviewing Transgender BanThey’re currently banned from serving.
  28. crimes and misdemeanors
    Chelsea Manning Is Making FriendsAnd being examined by an expert.
  29. changes
    Times, AP Decide to Refer to Manning As ‘She’It took them four days to honor her request.
  30. horrible things
    Harlem Assault Turns Deadly For Transgender VictimPolice are considering Islan Nettles’s death a hate crime.
  31. changes
    Bradley Manning’s Long, Painful Road to Coming Out As TransgenderThe leaker will now be known as Chelsea.
  32. gender issues
    Transgender Newsman Don Ennis Has Second Thoughts After ‘Amnesia’He’s identifying as a man again.
  33. New York’s Bravest Now Has Its First Transgender FirefighterAfter judge ruled that the FDNY discriminated.
  34. the future is coming
    Yahoo Clues Filters Out Searches for Gay or Sex, But Leaves in LesbianAlso unfiltered: ‘men on men’ and ‘hot lesbian girls.’
  35. man on the street
    Man on the Street: Mr. Trans Man 2010We sent our Tim Murphy to a Female-to-Male beauty pageant in Brooklyn.
  36. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: ‘All My Children’ Goes Transgender But Loses Fashion SenseOn Friday, the ABC soap All My Children will conclude its groundbreaking, GLAAD-award-winning six-month story of Zarf — a male rocker who came to terms with his inner woman, and started living and dressing as Zoe. Here was a unique opportunity: Fabulous clothes and progressive gender politics. Unfortunately, the wardrobe department blew it, and Zoe’s frumpy outfits caused the storyline to trip and tumble on chunky-heeled pumps.