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  1. Trump’s White House Will Keep Visitor Logs a SecretThey say the change will save taxpayers $17,500 a year.
  2. Clinton Considered Releasing Her Wall Street Speeches on ‘Transparency Day’After Clinton’s top aides found out about her private email server, some advised her to lay all of her cards before the public in a one-day news dump.
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    Why Did WikiLeaks Help Dox Most of Turkey’s Adult Female Population?The radical-transparency organization has not showered itself in glory lately, and this may be the weirdest, most dishonest example yet.
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    Andrew Cuomo Insists His BBM-ing Isn’t ShadyThe governor’s administration scoffs at suggestions that they’re too secretive.
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    One Health-Care Promise Obama Can at Least Pretend to KeepWhat happened to those C-SPAN cameras Candidate Obama was talking about?