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  1. lgbtq rights
    The Right’s Dangerous ‘Just Asking Questions’ Anti-Trans Campaign Is WorkingHow Matt Walsh’s new documentary is empowering the faithful to take action.
  2. politics
    There’s Nothing Novel About Anti-FeminismSenator Josh Hawley has no new ideas, only old prejudices.
  3. republicans
    Mark Robinson Exposes the GOP’s Problem With Its BaseThe North Carolina lieutenant governor’s extreme culture-war positions may excite the MAGA faithful, but they’re broadly unpopular.
  4. politics
    When Domestic-Violence Prevention Collides With the Religion of GunsThe lapsed Violence Against Women Act once enjoyed strong bipartisan support. Now many GOP lawmakers oppose it because of a new minor gun restriction.
  5. DOJ: NC’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Violates Civil Rights The Justice Department has determined that any employer who bans transgender employees from accessing their preferred bathroom is in violation of the Civil Rights Act.
  6. identity
    Change.org Petition Wants to Take the T Out of LGBTOne anonymous gay man’s fight against supposed transgender tyranny.