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  1. tourism
    Fully Vaccinated Travelers Can Visit U.S. Starting November 8The U.S. will soon allow fully vaccinated visitors from more than 30 countries, including via the borders with Canada and Mexico.
  2. travel ban
    Trump Is Considering Expanding the Travel Ban: ReportThe potential additions are not finalized, but the travel ban could soon include Belarus, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania.
  3. checks and balances
    Why Is the Trump Administration Always Getting Shut Down in Court?A Washington Post analysis shows that federal judges keep blocking the administration because its legal explanations aren’t “supported by facts.”
  4. Trump’s Immigration Chaos: Incompetence or Deliberate Trolling?Trump aide Stephen Miller’s sloppy policy rollouts could be the result of his inexperience and paranoia, or maybe he just loves taunting liberals.
  5. the law
    It’s Donald Trump’s Supreme Court NowThe court’s decision upholding the president’s travel ban shows the that the conservative majority has no intention of standing up to him.
  6. Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban in Huge Victory for AdministrationIn another win for conservatives, the court struck down a California law concerning “crisis pregnancy centers.”
  7. Chaos on the Border, Chaos in TrumplandThe messy and confusing implementation of the president’s wishes on border policy resembles nothing so much as the travel-ban nightmare.
  8. donald trump
    Trump Won’t Take Back His ‘Muslim Ban’ Campaign PromiseEither Trump has a pathological inability to admit mistakes, or cherishes religious discrimination — or maybe both.
  9. the law
    In the Travel-Ban Case, Supreme Court Seems Ready to Let Trump Be TrumpA day of interesting hypotheticals — and comments from the bench that suggest the president will get a lot of latitude.
  10. Lou Dobbs Clip Inspires Trump to Undermine His Own Legal Position on ImmigrationImagine the chagrin of Justice Department lawyers who woke up to find that a tweet from POTUS had sabotaged their legal fight with California.
  11. Appeals Court Tees Up Trump Travel Ban for SupremesThe high court will soon consider both statutory and constitutional challenges to Trump’s third effort to impose a travel ban.
  12. Latest Trump Travel Ban Loses in Appeals CourtBut, ultimately, the Supreme Court will decide whether the law stays or goes.
  13. SCOTUS Gives Trump Administration Green Light on Travel Ban, for NowIt’s a great day for xenophobia.
  14. Trump’s Refugee Ban Is Ending, But Comes With Stricter RequirementsNew vetting requirements reportedly go into effect Wednesday.
  15. the law
    Trump Still Can’t Get His Travel Ban Past the CourtsA federal judge in Maryland joined a judge in Hawaii in blocking the revised ban, though he again went further and called it, in effect, a Muslim ban.
  16. Get Ready for More Court Battles Over Trump’s New, Broader Travel BanJust as SCOTUS prepared to consider the original version, the president has issued a new ban that raises some of the same old issues.
  17. Trump Expands Travel Ban to Restrict Visitors from 8 Countries IndefinitelyCritics say two new countries – North Korea and Venezuela – were only added to bolster the argument that it isn’t a “Muslim ban.”
  18. The Trump Administration’s New, Permanent Travel Restrictions Are on the WayThe temporary travel ban that caused so much chaos and litigation is now giving way to permanent policies, with more litigation certain.
  19. People Denied Entry to U.S. Under Travel Ban Can Reapply for VisasThe case that blocked Trump’s original executive order has been settled.
  20. SCOTUS Rules Grandparents Exempt From Travel Ban, But Refugees Not So LuckyIn a case clarifying its earlier ruling that let the Trump travel ban partially take effect pending oral arguments, the Court splits the baby.
  21. Federal Judge Says Grandparents Are Close Family in Blow to Trump’s Travel BanHe ordered the government not to enforce the seemingly arbitrary restrictions on which relatives can enter the country.
  22. the law
    Donald Trump May Already Be in Contempt of Court Over His Travel BanThe Supreme Court’s definition of a “close familial relationship” is not as restrictive as the administration would like.
  23. As Travel Ban Goes Into Effect, Hawaii Complains That It Still Makes No SenseThough the Trump administration reversed its stance on fiancés at the last minute, Hawaii still challenged its definition of “close” family.
  24. With Nasty Tweets, Trump Steps on His Immigration Message, Big LeagueToday should have been a day of celebration for legislative action on Trump’s immigration agenda. Instead, he went on Twitter and stepped all over it.
  25. Son-in-Law, Yes, Grandparent, No. Who’s Allowed Under Trump’s New Visa CriteriaWhat counts as a “close familial relationship” for the purposes of the partial travel ban doesn’t make much sense.
  26. A Limited Version of Trump’s Travel Ban Will Take Effect ThursdayThree days after the Supreme Court lifted the injunctions against the ban, the U.S. will begin barring visitors from six Muslim-majority nations.
  27. Trump Prematurely Declares ‘Clear Victory’ on Travel BanThe Supreme Court did reinstate a narrower version of the order. But the White House could easily lose in the end.
  28. the law
    Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Is Headed to the Supreme CourtIn the meantime, the Court will allow the ban, in much narrower form, to go into effect.
  29. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Travel Ban — AgainBut there was some good news for the White House in the decision.
  30. For Trump, Loyalty Is Everything — and a One-Way StreetHe’s totally willing to turn devoted supporters and staffers into scapegoats. That’s going to cause big problems.
  31. Donald Trump’s Tweets Are Providing the Real Story of His PresidencyWhatever Kellyanne Conway might try to argue.
  32. Trump Bolsters Legal Case Against His ‘Travel Ban’ in Insane TweetstormTrump says the Justice Department never should have “watered down” his original “travel ban,” which included a preference for non-Muslim refugees.
  33. Here Are 4 Ways the Supreme Court Might Handle Trump’s Travel BanAll are plausible, but they would create vastly different outcomes.
  34. After Another Setback, Only the Supreme Court Can Save Trump’s Travel Ban NowAt least one of two national injunctions against enforcement of the travel ban will be left in place by higher courts. SCOTUS is Trump’s last chance.
  35. notebook
    What Foreign Tourists in New York Think of America NowVisiting the city has never felt so politically fraught.
  36. A Frustrated and Confused Trump Wants to Bust Up the 9th CircuitBelieving in error that an appeals court made a district court decision he could have avoided, the president lashes out ineffectually at judges again.
  37. Hawaii Judge Extends National Block on Trump’s Travel BanThe judge cited Trump’s complaint that it’s just a “watered-down version” of the first executive order.
  38. Judges’ Late Travel-Ban Dissent May Preview Supreme Court ApproachGet to know these phrases: “facially legitimate” and “bona fide reason.”
  39. select all
    Trump Enacts Confusing, Partial Laptop Ban on Airlines From Muslim CountriesHope you weren’t planning on bringing that Kindle.
  40. Trump’s Hard Road Ahead to Save His Travel BanShort of surrendering and doing without a temporary travel ban, Trump may have to go to the Supreme Court to get his way — even then, it’s iffy.
  41. immmigration
    Trump Responds to Travel-Ban Setback by Undermining His Own Case Even FurtherHe said it was just a “watered-down version” of the order deemed too discriminatory, which is exactly why it was blocked.
  42. Judge in Hawaii Stops Revised Travel Ban on Grounds It’s Really a Muslim BanThe one legal problem the administration could not “revise” away was the claim it was really a Muslim ban. That’s what led to its suspension tonight.
  43. Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Has Survived Its Early Legal ChallengesIt is looking increasingly likely that it will kick in as scheduled, on March 16. But its ultimate legal status remains up in the air.
  44. ‘So-called Judge’ James Robart Could Again Thwart Trump’s Travel-Ban PlansThree states will ask him to rule that his suspension of the first travel ban applies to the second.
  45. Trump Team’s Words Could Sabotage the Second Travel Ban, Just Like the FirstThe revised order fixed a lot of legal problems—but the White House can’t fix the paper trail identifying it as an intended “Muslim ban.”
  46. Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Addressing But Not Eliminating Legal QuestionsThe new ban “cures” the more obvious legal problems of the original, but is still vulnerable to the charge that its intent is a “Muslim ban.”
  47. White House Undermining Own Case for the Urgency of a Travel BanNext time Team Trump tells a court its immigration policies are a matter of immediate national security, its failure to stick to that story may hurt.
  48. timing
    New Travel Ban Reportedly Delayed So Trump Can Bask in Good Press From SpeechIt was expected on Wednesday, but White House sources say it was pushed to later this week after they saw the reviews.
  49. Report: Muhammad Ali Jr. Was Detained at Airport, Asked If MuslimThe boxing legend’s family is considering a lawsuit over the incident.
  50. Trump’s Immigration Policies Have Already Taken a Toll on the U.S. EconomyThe American tourism industry is still reeling from Trump’s travel ban.
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