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  1. New Travel Ban Will Resolve Some, But Not All, of Trump’s Legal ProblemsThe administration hopes a revised travel ban can cure its legal problems. But Trump’s expressed desire to discriminate against Muslims won’t go away.
  2. Breitbart Blames Priebus for All of the Trump Administration’s ProblemsThe leading voice for the “Bannon Wing” of the White House points a finger at the chief of staff – even for the difficulties of repealing Obamacare.
  3. Trump’s Lawyer Knew Flynn Was Lying. Why Did Nothing Happen?The White House was informed last month of the nature of Flynn’s conversation with Russia’s envoy. That raises big questions.
  4. White House Won’t Appeal Travel-Ban Case to Supreme CourtBut they may write a new, similar order, instead. (So much for “SEE YOU IN COURT.”)
  5. Does Trump Even Want to Win in Court?The longer the legal battle over Trump’s travel order continues, the more it looks like the president is sabotaging it. Is that deliberate?
  6. Ninth Circuit Judges Unanimously Rebuff Trump, Keep Travel Ban on HoldThe ruling more or less took apart the government’s case for rushing the ban into effect.
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    Today in Good Twitter: Dog and Owner Reunited Amid Trump Travel BanIranian native Nazanin Zinouri couldn’t get back to her home in the United States for over a week as a result of Trump’s travel ban.
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    ‘When the Ban Was Announced, My Husband Stopped Breathing’For a refugee living in Bayonne, New Jersey, Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration have left the fate of her children in the balance.
  9. Appeals Court Hears Arguments on Trump Travel BanIt’s all very preliminary and technical, and just a stage in a longer battle, but Trump may lose another round before the week is out.
  10. Trump’s Homeland Security Head Takes Blame for Travel Ban RolloutEven though multiple reports say he was barely consulted on the executive order.
  11. Trump Just Declared the ‘Court System’ a Threat to National SecurityNot content to attack individual judges and judicial decisions, the president is now disparaging the “court system” itself.
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    What’s Next in the Legal Battle Over the Travel Ban?The Trump administration is vowing to do everything in its legal power to reinstate the ban. Here’s how that will play out.
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    Heading to the Airport With the New York Times’ ISIS ExpertRukmini Callimachi discusses the travel ban, her refugee past, and extremists’ reactions to Trump.
  14. Trump Says Judge and U.S. Court System Deserve Blame ‘If Something Happens’Once again, Trump seems unable to tolerate a key branch of America’s government.
  15. Trump Administration Suspends Travel Ban Pending Appeal, Trump Attacks JudgeAirlines have told travelers that they are free to board flights to the U.S., but how long the opportunity will last remains unclear.
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    Appeals Court Rejects Request to Restore Travel Ban, for NowThe Justice Department’s request for an emergency stay that would have reinstated the travel ban pending the government’s appeal was denied.
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    White House Denies Report That Bannon Had to Be Reminded He Wasn’t PresidentLeaks and alleged infighting seem to have become staples of the White House reality show.
  18. Seattle Judge Smacks Down Trump Travel Ban — For NowA judge is setting up a serious trial of Trump’s immigration policies, and the White House is already vowing to fight back.
  19. The State Department Has Revoked Tens of Thousands of Visas Due to Travel BanEarlier this week, the White House said that only “109 people were affected and slowed down in their travel” by the ban.
  20. Trump Could Have Easily Avoided the Confrontation With Sally YatesWhy not just hold off on the travel ban until after Jeff Sessions’s confirmation?
  21. What Is Stephen Miller’s Job, Anyway?The culprit in the travel-ban chaos seems to be this young policy adviser. But it’s hard to say why he’s in the position to do this kind of damage.
  22. State Department Employees Send Around Internal Memo Opposing Trump’s Travel BanAlmost 200 people are reportedly coming out against the measure because it doesn’t make America safer and “runs counter to core American values.”
  23. Trump’s Travel Ban Will Ignite a Sustained Legal FightJudicial rulings blocking immediate implementation of the travel ban will not affect its full scope or determine its ultimate legality.
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    Trump Administration Reverses Itself, Exempts Green-Card Holders From Travel BanIt now seems clear the Trump administration had no idea how the travel ban was supposed to apply to permanent residents.
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    Protests Against Trump’s Travel Ban Break Out Across AmericaImages and videos from more than 20 anti-ban protests, which were held throughout the country on Sunday.
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    Giuliani Says Travel Ban Was Legal Way to Enact Trump’s Muslim BanTrump apparently asked Giuliani to come up with the “right way” to implement an illegal Muslim ban, and the travel ban was the proposed solution.
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    Obama Lifts 20-Year-Old Ban on HIV-positive U.S. VisitorsTravelers will no longer be asked about their HIV status.