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    Travis Kalanick Is Fully Done With UberThe former CEO is leaving the company’s board at the end of the month, after being forced out for creating a hostile work environment.
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    Travis Kalanick Is Back, and He’s Buying Distressed Real EstateIt’s for CloudKitchens.
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    Travis Kalanick Squirmed on Floor After Video of Him Yelling at DriverAfter he was caught yelling at an Uber driver, Kalanick paid the driver $200,000 out of his own pocket following a private meeting.
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    This Stanford Professor Has a Theory on Why 2017 Is Filled With JerksAccording to Robert Sutton, the problem of “disrespectful, demeaning, and downright mean-spirited behavior” is “worse than ever.”
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    Uber Taps Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to Fill Travis Kalanick’s ShoesUber’s reported pick has been running Expedia since 2005 and is vocally anti-Trump.
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    One of Uber’s Biggest Investors Is Suing Travis Kalanick for FraudThey’re trying to force him off the board and out for good.
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    Uber Knew the Cars It Was Leasing Drivers Were at Risk of Catching FireIt was only after a driver’s dashboard went up in spontaneous flames that the company decided to do something.
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    Uber’s Next CEO Is More Likely to Be Travis Kalanick Than Meg WhitmanThe final candidates to replace Travis Kalanick are reportedly all men, and only one of them isn’t white.
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    What Travis Kalanick Leaves Behind at UberUber may well be a more stable company without Travis Kalanick. Kalanick without Uber is another story.
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    Can the New, Cuddly Uber Survive?Uber is going to be nicer to its employees. Is it going to be nicer to cities, too?
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    Why It Took So Long for Uber to ChangeTravis Kalanick wasn’t the company’s only bad apple.
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    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to Take Leave of AbsenceThe announcement coincides with a report on Uber’s toxic culture compiled by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
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    Uber’s Most Notorious Executive Has Finally ResignedEmil Michael is out at Uber.
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    Uber CEO Emailed ‘Sex Rules’ to Employees Before Company RetreatAn email from 2013 reveals how its early corporate culture echoes on today.
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    Travis Kalanick Uses Uber’s Lactation Room to MeditateHis new zen tactics were reportedly inspired by Arianna Huffington, who is an Uber board member.
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    Can Uber Fix Itself When Silicon Valley Won’t?Uber is “20 assholes lighter.” Will that be enough to change its culture?
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    Is Uber Evil, or Just Doomed?Sexual harassment, corporate-espionage charges, taking advantage of drivers: The company that practically courts bad PR is in an existential crisis.
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    Parents of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Injured In Boating AccidentA tragic accident.
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    Uber Secretly Tagged iPhones Before Apple Made Them StopThe tactic was known as “fingerprinting.”
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    Uber Needs More Time to Finish Sexism InvestigationAn internal memo shows the company’s attorneys asking for more time to interview top employees.
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    Uber Tried to Recruit a Female Engineer by Assuring Her Sexism Is EverywhereWhen Kamilah Taylor said she wasn’t interested in working for Uber, a recruiter told her “sexism is systemic in tech.”
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    Uber President Resigns After Only 6 MonthsJeff Jones’s departure is said to be linked directly to Uber’s recent string of scandals.
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    Uber Will No Longer Use Greyball Software to Secretly Track OfficialsThe secret software was implemented back in 2014 and helped the company thwart law enforcement.
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    How Uber Got HereThe ride-hailing company’s stream of bad press this winter didn’t come out of nowhere.
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    Who Will Be Uber’s New COO?The announcement follows a leaked video of Kalanick arguing with a driver, and two executives resigning.
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    Top-Secret Uber Program Was Used to Thwart Law EnforcementAccording to a new report from the New York Times, the company used secret software to make sure local officials couldn’t get Uber rides.
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    So What Are That Uber Driver and Travis Kalanick Arguing About Exactly?Uber fares have changed significantly over the years, and drivers are feeling the effects.
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    Video Surfaces of Uber CEO Arguing Heatedly With Driver: ‘Bulls**t!’The video of Travis Kalanick is the latest in a series of bad news for the ride-hailing company.
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    Uber Exec Forced to Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations at GoogleUber senior vice-president Amit Singhal didn’t disclose sexual-harassment allegations that were levied against at his previous job.
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    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns From Trump Advisory BoardThe #deleteUber campaign seems to have worked.
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    Chinese Ride-Hailing CEO Calls Out Uber CEO for Being a LightweightThe two men met up for drinks to toast the sale of Uber’s operations in China this summer.