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  1. biden administration
    Biden to Nominate Janet Yellen for Treasury SecretaryThe 74-year-old labor economist would be the first female Treasury head in America’s history.
  2. birtherism
    Trump Pick for Treasury Spokesperson Was a Birther, Believed Obama Was a MuslimBetween 2009 and 2015, Treasury spokeswoman Monica Crowley called birtherism “legitimate” and claimed Obama was “conforming US policy to Islam.”
  3. government shutdown
    The Government Shutdown Is Exposing the Stupidity of Government ShutdownsThe rules governing which parts of the government stay open are, to use a technical term, “not smart.”
  4. U.S. Sanctions Chinese and Russian Individuals and Firms With North Korea TiesA total of 16 companies and people have been targeted in the U.S.’s latest move to squeeze Pyongyang.
  5. GOP Struggles to Secure a ‘Clean’ Debt-Limit IncreaseIn theory everybody in Congress favors a straightforward debt-limit increase. But side deals and other complications loom large.
  6. Yet Another Goldman Sachs Banker Is Headed for the Trump AdministrationWall Street sees Deputy Treasury Secretary nominee Jim Donovan as a check on Steve Bannon’s economic nationalism.
  7. U.S. Hits Venezuela’s VP With Sanctions for Drug TraffickingTareck El Aissami has called the act a “vile aggression.”
  8. Mnuchin’s Hearing Sparks Arguments About Tax Havens, Foreclosures, and ValiumKey moments from the confirmation hearing of Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary.