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  1. Steven Mnuchin: I Wasn’t Endorsing Lego Batman When I Endorsed Lego BatmanAfter ethics complaints, the Treasury secretary is walking back his suggestion that people go see the movie he produced.
  2. Entourage Movie Producer Steve Mnuchin Confirmed As Treasury SecretaryThe Goldman Sachs and hedge-fund vet has been dubbed the “foreclosure king.”
  3. Trump Taps Steve Mnuchin for Treasury SecretaryThe populist president names a former Goldman Sachs partner — who is also the son of a Goldman Sachs partner — to his cabinet.
  4. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Loved HamiltonThe current guy in the job talks about the musical commemorating the first guy in the job.
  5. politics
    Tim Geithner Not Sticking Around for Another Debt Ceiling MessThis time, the Treasury secretary is really leaving.
  6. tim geithner
    Tim Geithner Staying On Through 2012 ElectionMaybe he’s a glutton for punishment?
  7. tim geithner
    Tim Geithner Is Just As Sick of All This Debt-Limit Discussion As We AreHe’s reportedly told the White House he might step down as soon as an agreement on raising the debt ceiling is reached.
  8. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Consider ‘the Ability to Make President Obama Look Good’ to Be a Skill“I have no skills to be the secretary of the Treasury,” Mayor Bloomberg said today.
  9. diplomacy
    Tim Geithner Owns Chinese Schoolchildren on Basketball CourtIn your face, China!
  10. the geithnerator
    Angry Lawmakers Want to Bring Tim Geithner to Justice“It is past time for this Committee to hold Secretary Geithner accountable for his decisions that have affected the lives of millions of Americans.”
  11. the geithnerator
    Democrat Wants Geithner To Resign TooShould he stay or should he go?
  12. the great stimulation
    Tim Geithner Would Prefer You Not Use the Words ‘Federal’ or ‘Bailout’ When Talking About the Federal Bailout of CaliforniaThe state just needs a “little something to tide it over” is all.
  13. early and often
    If Timothy F. Geithner Can Fix Our Economy, Does It Matter Whether He Paid His Taxes?Or, um, employed a housekeeper illegally?
  14. early and often
    Obama Sticks by His Money ManTim Geithner, the president-elect’s Treasury nominee, just made an honest personal-finance mistake.
  15. Tim Geithner: Sort of Hipster-y, Way AdorableHe skateboards and snowboards!
  16. election hangover
    Tim Geithner Likely Treasury Pick, Say ReportsAndrea Mitchell at NBC is reporting that Obama is (finally) going to roll out picks for his economic team on Monday.
  17. early and often
    Larry Summers’s Baggage Weighed Against His ExpertiseShould past controversies matter in picking a Treasury Secretary?