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    Trump Finally Reveals He’d Rather Die by Electrocution Than by SharkDuring an Iowa campaign stop, Trump ranted about his nautical archenemies. You may think it makes more sense in context, but I assure you it doesn’t.
  2. tremendous content
    Master Dealmaker Melania Trump Keeps Renegotiating Her PrenupShe reportedly revisited the terms of her agreement with Donald Trump ahead of his 2024 run, and it isn’t the first time she’s renegotiated.
  3. tremendous content
    Christie Will Not Stop Trying to Make ‘Donald Duck’ HappenTrump quickly brushed off the weak debate jab. But Christie is still pushing the nickname and asserting, laughably, “I live in his head.”
  4. tremendous content
    All of Ron DeSantis’s Crimes Against Good EtiquetteA list of alleged slights and rude behavior that may hamper DeSantis 2024, from sloppy pudding eating to (possibly) kicking Tucker Carlson’s dog.
  5. tremendous content
    Trump Is Secretly Worried About His Prison JumpsuitThough he’s insisted he doesn’t “even think about” the prospect of prison time, he’s reportedly panicking Tom Wambsgans–style in private.
  6. tremendous content
    Melania Does ‘Give a F**k’ About Selling Christmas OrnamentsShe’s hawking another collection of golden Christmas ornaments with corresponding NFTs despite her notoriously awkward history with the holiday.
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    Trump Used Classified Documents As Scrap PaperA former assistant reportedly told federal investigators that Trump wrote to-do lists on them when he was president.
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    Trump Warns ‘Cognitively Impaired’ Biden May Cause ‘World War II’Days after a gaffe-filled speech in D.C., Trump continued attacking Biden’s flubs and reiterated his call for candidates to undergo cognitive tests.
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    Donald Trump Reveals He and Melania ‘Actually Get Along’Contrary to what Trump’s GOP rivals are saying, his wife of 18 years likes him, and he doesn’t care if she doesn’t show it.
  10. tremendous content
    Mitt Romney’s Most Delightfully Awkward MomentsA salute to the retiring Utah senator, who was never afraid to share his passion for hot dogs, ironing himself, and trees that are the “right height.”
  11. tremendous content
    Trump Defends Mental Acuity in Incoherent Truth Social PostsFiguring out what the heck he’s talking about is its own mental-fitness test.
  12. tremendous content
    Does Tim Scott’s Girlfriend Actually Exist? Maybe!The Washington Post conducted an in-depth investigation and spoke with the 2024 candidate about his new love, yet the results were inconclusive.
  13. tremendous content
    ‘Where’s Melania?’ Banner Is a Low-Energy Trump TauntThe only shocking thing about the attack on Trump at the Iowa college-football game is that one of his rivals thought it would humiliate him.
  14. tremendous content
    Trump Tries to Start Rumor That DeSantis Is Dropping OutDeSantis may be a bully, but no one beats Trump when it comes to childish intimidation tactics.
  15. tremendous content
    Team Trump Threatens Fellow Peddlers of Unauthorized Mug-Shot MerchDoes Trump own the rights to his mug shot? No. Did that keep his team from threatening other people profiting off the image? Absolutely not.
  16. tremendous content
    What Is Donald Trump’s Weight? That’s One Secret He’ll Never Tell.Is it wrong to laugh about someone lying about their weight? Not when it’s Donald Trump, one of our most prolific and unrepentant fat-shamers.
  17. tremendous content
    Does Trump Want Me to Think He’s a Flight Risk?For a guy who’s never considered it, the plans he shared in a Truth Social post mocking his $200,000 bond were pretty specific.
  18. tremendous content
    Trump to Skip First GOP Debate, Maybe All 2024 DebatesHe’s expected to stay home and post a prerecorded Tucker Carlson interview online. But Trump clearly wants to keep the debate speculation going.
  19. tremendous content
    Giuliani Begged, But Trump Refused to Pay His Crushing Legal BillsGiuliani’s lawyers say he’s broke, but Trump still won’t cover the legal fees stemming from his pro bono work as the president’s lawyer.
  20. tremendous content
    Melania Really Doesn’t Care About Trump’s Indictment, Do U?She reportedly sees Donald Trump’s fourth indictment “as another problem for her husband. Not for her.”
  21. tremendous content
    Trump Cancels Press Conference, Will Lie in Legal Filings InsteadTrump’s lawyers got him to call off the release of his “Irrefutable REPORT” by promising to include his 2020 election fraud lies in court documents.
  22. tremendous content
    Ivana Trump’s Bedminster Grave Gets Even WeirderA year ago, Donald Trump had his ostentatious ex-wife buried in a simple grave on his New Jersey golf course. Now the gravesite is an overgrown mess.
  23. tremendous content
    Attention-Hungry Michael Cohen Mulls Absurd Run for CongressWhich Trump foe will Democrats vote for: Jerry Nadler, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, or the felonious former “fixer”?
  24. donald trump
    Trump Is Pretending He Didn’t Call Christie a ‘Fat Pig’I’m not mad about the childish insult. I’m just upset about the lying.
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    The Craziest Details From the Trump Classified Documents IndictmentsA superseding indictment accuses Trump of trying to delete Mar-a-Lago security camera footage and checking on his employee’s “loyalty.”
  26. tremendous content
    Trump Super-PAC Paid Melania $155,000 to Choose TablewareHer “design consulting” was needed for a small Mar-a-Lago dinner, though that wasn’t initially apparent from the PAC’s federal findings.
  27. tremendous content
    An Ode to the Post’s Fart-Filled RFK Jr. StoryTwo old men got into a fight about climate change, one of them farted, and an iconic piece of journalism was born.
  28. tremendous content
    Murdoch Begins to Suspect DeSantis Is Actually a ‘Loser’The Murdoch media empire spent months hyping Ron DeSantis as the man who could beat Trump. But after a bumbling start, the mogul is souring on him.
  29. tremendous content
    You Can Earn a $20 Gift Card by Messing With the GOP DebatesThe scheme to circumvent GOP donor requirements might violate campaign finance laws, but that’s presidential candidate Doug Burgum’s problem.
  30. tremendous content
    Trump Sours on Kari Lake Because She’s Too TrumpyThere’s probably room for only one attention hog on the Trump 2024 ticket.
  31. tremendous content
    Melania Trump Releases ‘Yearning to Breathe Free’ NFTThe former First Lady is celebrating Fourth of July by hawking NFTs featuring the Statue of Liberty and a mysterious message.
  32. tremendous content
    Donald Trump’s Nasty Ron DeSantis Nicknames, RankedTrump has been workshopping his DeSantis nicknames, floating “Meatball Ron,” “Tiny D,” and “Ron DeSanctimonious.” Here’s some constructive feedback.
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    Trump’s Classified-Document Audio Tape Is a MasterpieceThe full recording of him chatting about a plan to attack Iran is perfect — if he was trying to incriminate himself.
  34. tremendous content
    Kari Lake Auditions to Be Trump’s Next Pence and/or MelaniaAn innuendo-laced report that Trump’s potential VP pick “practically lives” at Mar-a-Lago is raising uncomfortable questions.
  35. tremendous content
    Trump Pretends Jared and Ivanka Didn’t Quit, He Fired ThemHe told Bret Baier he’d decided “that’s enough for the family.” But sources say Jared and Ivanka want nothing to do with Trump’s political operation.
  36. tremendous content
    It’s Not Too Late for Donald Trump to Go on HoardersPost-indictment, Trump is still obsessed with “my boxes.” He needs an intervention and a TV special may be the only way to make it happen.
  37. the power trip
    The Circus of Trump’s ArraignmentTrump and the country are both in a bind, but the spectacle just gets bigger.
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    Ivanka Doesn’t Even Want to Be Seen With Dad on InstagramDonald Trump’s daughter hasn’t said anything about his latest indictment. But burying his photo 20 clicks into her Instagram Story speaks volumes.
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    Trump Robbed of Legendary Mug Shot Once AgainIt would have looked great on merch. Better luck next indictment.
  40. tremendous content
    Melania Trump Is ‘Standing by Her Husband’ (From a Distance)The ex–First Lady is reportedly showing her support “quietly and privately” … so don’t expect to see her at Trump’s second arraignment.
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    Trump’s Diet Coke Valet Has Been IndictedIn just a few short years, Trump’s personal aide Walt Nauta has gone from fetching sodas for the president to catching charges from the Feds.
  42. tremendous content
    Why I Support Chris Christie’s (Doomed) 2024 Presidential BidWill he be president? No. Should he be president? Probably not. But we’re going to have a lot of fun before he crashes and burns once again.
  43. tremendous content
    Tape Reveals Trump Doubted His Mental Declassification PowersAfter the Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump claimed he could declassify “even by thinking about it.” But he didn’t believe this a year earlier.
  44. tremendous content
    Ron DeSantis Can’t Decide How to Pronounce His Own NameFor years, the Florida governor has switched from “Dee-Santis” to “Deh-Santis” and back again with no apparent rhyme or reason.
  45. tremendous content
    It Turns Out ‘Trump Bucks’ Aren’t Actually Legal TenderIt seems Trump has nothing to do with this online scam — though his PAC selling worthless fake credit cards probably added to the confusion.
  46. tremendous content
    5 Ways Trump Trolled DeSantis Over His Disastrous LaunchDonald Trump, who has never been one to take the high road, couldn’t stop gloating over Ron DeSantis’s botched 2024 campaign rollout.
  47. tremendous content
    Why Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez Are Relationship GoalsThink the newly engaged couple is just revoltingly rich? Think again! Sánchez’s WSJ Q&A reveals they’re hardworking, humble, and totally adorable!
  48. tremendous content
    Trump’s Plea to Be ‘Macho Man’ Denied by Village PeopleIt’s fun to sway to “Y.M.C.A.,” but the band wants Trump to stop now.
  49. tremendous content
    Trump Forgets Melania, Remembers the ‘Marxists’ on Mother’s DayMelania’s probably used to it, as he didn’t wish her a happy birthday, either.
  50. tremendous content
    Melania Fully ‘Supports’ Donald (Though She’s Keeping Her Distance)Anonymous sources insist the Trumps are “closer than ever” following the ex-president’s legal troubles, despite evidence to the contrary.
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