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    Fortnite Has Become the Instagram of Video GamesSince last September, the last-man-standing battle royale has been played by more than 125 million people.
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    Facebook Will Remove Its Trending SectionThe feature was a big headache for Facebook.
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    It’s Time to End ‘Trending’It’s a worthless metric that online platforms use as a crutch.
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    Just a Viral Video of a Snake Puking Up a Second SnakeNature is beautiful.
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    Editors Will No Longer Write Facebook’s Trending TopicsBut they’re still involved in curating stories.
  6. 4 Takeaways From Facebook’s Trending-Topics ControversyNothing is free of bias.
  7. Leaked Documents Show Facebook’s Procedures for Trending TopicsAlso published: a list of 1,000 “trusted” news organizations.
  8. Why Facebook Got a Letter From the SenateThe Commerce Committee is very interested in trending topics.
  9. What It Really Means That Facebook ‘Suppressed’ Conservative NewsHow you feel about Facebook’s curation depends a lot on what you think Facebook is.
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    Google’s Top Searches of 2014 Are a Great Reminder of How Terrible This Year WasWorst year yet!