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  1. revolt like an egyptian
    Foreign Journalists Freed From Tripoli Hotel“It’s been an absolute nightmare for all of us.”
  2. libya zero hour
    Qaddafi’s Son Freed From House ArrestClashes continue in Tripoli.
  3. libya zero hour
    Qaddafi Losing Control of Tripoli; Fighting ContinuesClashes continued outside the Libyan dictator’s compound Monday morning.
  4. revolt like an egyptian
    NATO Spent the Day Bombing Qaddafi“We welcome death!” he replied.
  5. revolt like an egyptian
    Alleged Libyan Rape Victim Eman al-Obeidy Escapes to TunisiaWith the help of a defecting military officer.
  6. revolt like an egyptian
    Mother of Alleged Libyan Rape Victim Says Her Daughter Is Still Being HeldDespite the Libyan government’s claims they released her on Sunday.
  7. revolt like an egyptian
    Libyan Woman Escapes Capture to Tell Foreign Press of Her Gang Rape“I am not scared of anything. I will be locked up immediately after this. Look at my face. Look at my back.”
  8. revolt like an egyptian
    Qaddafi Calls On Mercenaries for HelpAs other Libyan cities fall, Qaddafi focuses forces on Tripoli.
  9. revolt like an egyptian
    Chaos in Libya As Air Force Reportedly Fires on ProtestersThe United States condemns the violence, but it seems impotent.
  10. revolt like an egyptian
    Qaddafi Reportedly Flees Libyan Capital [Updated: To Venezuela?]Security forces are looting banks, and parliament is on fire.