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  1. mass shootings
    What We Didn’t Need the El Paso Killer’s Manifesto to Tell UsUnderstanding the El Paso shooter is helped by understanding 8chan troll culture — but it’s not a requirement.
  2. trolling
    If You’re Going to Brag About Trolling, You Should at Least Be Good at ItWe can do better than threatening to gun down Mr. Peanut.
  3. Paul Ryan Admits That the President of the United States Is an Internet TrollThe House Speaker dismissed the White House’s threat to revoke security clearances of former intel officials as “trolling.”
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    Did Russia’s Facebook Ads Actually Swing the Election?If you’re most worried about ads, you’re missing the bigger picture.
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    The Woman Targeted by Gamergate on Surviving a World-Altering Trolling AttackZoë Quinn spent much of her life playing and designing games. Then she found herself inside one – a vicious, multiplayer real-time harassment bonanza.
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    Mastodon Doesn’t Have Nazis. Yet.A new social network offers a respite from online toxicity, mostly because few are on it.
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    It’s Time to Reclaim TrollingIt’s not just nonsensical for a single word to refer to everything from sexual harassers and purveyors of racial hatred to mildly amusing jabs from the president, it’s stupid. And it’s time to take trolling back.