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  1. games people play
    Elon Musk Trolls the InternetThe long con is just for fun.
  2. trolls
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds New, Annoying Ways to Get AttentionCongress’s premier extremist has time on her hands to cause trouble.
  3. politics
    Right-Wing Troll Jacob Wohl Allegedly Behind Fake Buttigieg Sexual-Assault ClaimA 19-year-old is accusing Jacob Wohl of using his name and image to level false charges against the presidential candidate.
  4. russia investigation
    Russian Election-Hack Strategy Included an Anti-Masturbation Hotline“You can’t hold hands with God when you are masturbating.”
  5. oops that’s my mom
    Right-Wing Troll Used His Mom’s Phone to Spread Mueller Sexual Harassment HoaxJacob Wohl insists he isn’t connected to Surefire Intelligence, but if you call the company, it redirects to his mom’s voicemail.
  6. global tech
    ‘How They Hit You Is Through Your Family": How Troll Farms Silence DemocracyIn Azerbaijan, government-sponsored harassment drives dissidents off the internet.
  7. select all
    Blogger Stabbed to Death After Giving Lecture on Dealing With Internet TrollsKenichiro Okamoto worked for a cybersecurity consulting company and was a dark-web expert.
  8. march for our lives
    People Are Sharing Fake Photos of Emma González Tearing Up the ConstitutionIt’s not the first time false propaganda has been spread about the outspoken Parkland survivors.
  9. Many People Are Saying Donald Trump Donated to NAMBLASeveral very smart people are saying that this is the reason Trump won’t release his tax returns, according to a very credible Reddit troll.
  10. select all
    Could Old Web-Forum Troll Tactics Save Journalism? Jeff Bezos Thought MaybeDisemvowel the media.
  11. select all
    It’s Time to Reclaim TrollingIt’s not just nonsensical for a single word to refer to everything from sexual harassers and purveyors of racial hatred to mildly amusing jabs from the president, it’s stupid. And it’s time to take trolling back.
  12. trolls
    Rep. Peter King Says Torture Wasn’t That Bad“We’re talking about people being made to stand in awkward positions, have water put into their nose and into their mouth.”
  13. trolls
    The Mysterious Owners of Nets.com Have Finally Been RevealedShe’s asking $5 million for the site.
  14. scary internet things
    ‘The Dread Obodai’: Content Farmer From HellYou might call him a copyright troll.
  15. trolls
    Bill O’Reilly Pretty Sure His Obama Interview Will Go Down in History A prediction from a legend.
  16. the internet
    Creep-Out King of Reddit Explains the Thrill of ‘Meaningless Internet Points’Now that his anonymity is gone, he might as well appear on CNN.
  17. arab spring
    Pro-Assad Syrians Picked the Wrong Columbia University Facebook Page to SwarmThe online protest was a bit misguided.
  18. trolls
    Foreign Policy Lists ‘10 Events That Were More Important Than 9/11’The Internet can be a sad, strange place.
  19. loose lips
    Hackers Take Down Mastercard in Revenge for Blocking WikiLeaksPayPal, Visa, and Amazon … get ready for “Operation Payback.”