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  1. The Ax Falls at the Daily NewsAbout half of the venerable newspaper’s editorial staff was laid off Monday morning.
  2. The New York Daily News Axes Half of Its Editorial StaffChicago-based Tronc intends to refocus on breaking news and its first move is firing half of the paper’s newsroom.
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    New York Daily News Sold to Publisher TroncThe company, which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing, also owns the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.
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    The Rise of Video Is Making 2016 a Weird Year to Be a Digital PublisherIt’s video all the way down.
  5. Here’s What That New Tronc Video Is Actually SayingWe translated tronc into human-speak.
  6. The Tribune Publishing Company Is Now Called ‘Tronc’ — I’m Sorry, ‘tronc’Tronc is in the building.