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  1. that happened
    The Time Donald Trump Got to Play With a Big Truck“Vroom vroom,” said the president.
  2. select all
    Waymo Begins Self-Driving Truck Test in AtlantaKeep an eye out for the bright-blue tractor trailers.
  3. Sweden Just Rolled Out the World’s First Electric HighwayE-trucks are twice as efficient as traditional engines.
  4. TV Reporter Covered in Bees Has Very Timely Story About BeesA truck crashed in Washington, and nearly 14 million bees spilled out.
  5. early and often
    Obama Administration Issues New Emissions Standards for TrucksThe rules are a taste of what the Obama agenda will look like when the Democrats don’t control Congress.
  6. econogeddon
    Nassim Taleb: There Are Actually Three Types of SwansAt least!