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  1. coronavirus news
    Here’s the Latest Good (and Bad) News About COVID-19America’s epidemic is slowing — but a globe-spanning, coronavirus-induced hunger crisis is just beginning.
  2. white house
    Trump Reportedly Offered John Kelly FBI Director Job If He Pledged LoyaltyA new book details how Trump tried to get John Kelly to swear personal allegiance to him, and how the DOJ limited the scope of the Mueller inquiry.
  3. trump administration
    Kellyanne Conway Announces White House Departure at the End of AugustThe embattled counselor and her husband, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, both said they were stepping back to focus on their family.
  4. international affairs
    Why the Israel-UAE Deal Is More About Iran Than PeaceThe historic agreement shows that for Arab states, the cold war against Iran now trumps the Palestinian cause.
  5. foreign interests
    UAE Strikes Peace Deal With Israel, Sells Out PalestiniansIn exchange for a promise that Israel won’t immediately illegally annex the Jordan Valley, Abu Dhabi normalized relations with the Jewish state.
  6. portland
    Trump Administration Sends More Federal Officers to PortlandThe 100-plus federal agents at the courthouse have made the unrest worse. As many as 150 more are reportedly on their way.
  7. barking up the wrong tree
    Despite What the White House Says, Paw Patrol Has Not Been CanceledWhite House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany made the claim while lamenting “cancel culture, specifically as it pertains to cops.”
  8. the pandemic president
    Trump Attempts Sober Pose in Resurrected COVID-19 BriefingThe president read a prepared statement word-for-word, recommended masks without downplaying them, and acknowledged the pandemic would get worse.
  9. 2020 census
    Trump Tries Last-Ditch Order to Keep Undocumented Immigrants Off CensusTrump’s plan to subtract undocumented immigrants from the total Census population probably won’t work, as it appears to violate the 14th Amendment.
  10. trump administration
    DHS Agents Seen in Portland Are Deploying to Chicago — and Perhaps FurtherTrump will reportedly send 150 Homeland Security officers to Chicago this week. He also threatened to send federal agents to Detroit and Baltimore.
  11. portland
    Trump’s Military Tactics in Portland Will Likely BackfireJust because law enforcement officers can take certain action doesn’t mean they should.
  12. coronavirus
    The White House Is Still Blocking the Public From COVID-19 Hospitalization DataThe Trump administration said it would repost COVID-19 hospitalization data after a CDC site went dark, but wouldn’t provide new info moving forward.
  13. opioids
    U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths Hit Record High in 2019And initial data suggests that there were 42 percent more overdoses in May 2020 than there were the previous May.
  14. education
    Trump Administration Cancels ICE Plan to Block International Student VisasThe rare reversal comes after Harvard and MIT sued ICE for requiring foreign students to leave the U.S. if they are taking online-only courses.
  15. coronavirus
    United States, World Leader in COVID-19 Deaths, to Leave WHOThe Trump administration has officially notified the U.N. that the United States will leave the World Health Organization in 2021.
  16. foreign interests
    Please Don’t Prolong a Pointless War Just to Show Russia Who’s BossA bipartisan group in the House just made it harder for Trump to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. That’s a mistake.
  17. obamacare
    Trump, Intent on Self-Destruction, Asks Supreme Court to Kill ObamacareWhen you’re struggling in the polls amid a pandemic, renewing your fight to strip health coverage from millions of Americans isn’t a great move.
  18. coronavirus
    U.S. Records Highest Single Day Total of Coronavirus Cases With Over 38,000The 38,000 new cases reported in the United States on Wednesday beat the previous single-day record from April 25.
  19. rule of law
    Trump Fires U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman After He Refuses to ResignBerman, who has overseen many investigations of close Trump associates, had refused to step down in a dramatic standoff with Attorney General Barr.
  20. trump campaign
    Facebook Removes Trump Ads With Nazi Symbol Used to Identify Political PrisonersThe ad condemning “dangerous” leftist groups featured an inverted red triangle used by Nazis to identify political prisoners in concentration camps.
  21. gop
    3 GOP Insiders on the Protests and Trump’s Perilous Moment“I think the president has handled it as well as any president ever could.”
  22. politics
    Fired Inspector General Was Also Investigating Pompeo’s Saudi Arms SalePompeo claims he did not know inspector general Steve Linick was investigating him. Trump says he only needed to hear that Obama appointed him.
  23. stimulus legislation
    Trump to Pelosi: I’ll Help GOP Governors If You Cut Taxes on RichThe president is open to providing a little more aid to states (something many Republicans want) in exchange for capital gains tax cuts.
  24. trump administration
    Pence Spokesperson Katie Miller Tests Positive for the CoronavirusMiller is married to top Trump adviser Stephen Miller. It is not yet clear how many White House aides and officials may have been exposed.
  25. trump administration
    Whistle-blower: White House Ignored Advice to Stockpile N95 MasksThe vaccine expert also alleges that he was demoted for resisting Trump’s push to mass prescribe a dangerous anti-malaria drug as a COVID-19 cure.
  26. coronavirus
    In the Midst of a Pandemic, Trump Again Cuts Funding That May Prevent PandemicsThe White House has rescinded $3.7 million for a study on bat-to-human coronavirus transmission — despite evidence that is how COVID-19 first spread.
  27. coronavirus
    Trump Informed of Coronavirus Threat in Briefings He Often Doesn’t Read: ReportIntelligence officials warned Trump of the threat in January, which may have informed him early on if he had read the briefings he’s known to ignore.
  28. money
    Steve Mnuchin, American WinnerThe Treasury Secretary embodies the plutocratic principle that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
  29. coronavirus
    Trump to Sideline Fauci and Birx in Coming Weeks: ReportThe benching of the top public-health experts is an indicator of Trump’s reported pivot to an economic message in his press briefings.
  30. trump administration
    HHS Secretary Alex Azar May Be Fired, But Not for Mismanaging the CoronavirusOn Sunday night, President Trump denied the reports and insisted Azar “is doing an excellent job.”
  31. coronavirus
    Top Coronavirus Aide’s Last Job Was Breeding Dogs: ReportBrian Harrison, chief of staff to Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, doesn’t have much of a history in public health.
  32. coronavirus
    Trump Organization Asks Trump Administration for Leniency on D.C. Hotel LeaseTrump’s business has asked the administration to suspend rent payments for the Trump International Hotel in D.C., creating obvious ethical concerns.
  33. coronavirus
    Trump Wants to Open the Country, But Republicans Don’t Want to Pay for TestingRepublican lawmakers want to avoid federal funding for coronavirus tests, despite the necessity for such a project to safely reopen the economy.
  34. coronavirus
    There Is A White House Blockade Stopping States From Getting Coronavirus PPEThe NEJM has published a horrifying account of a health-care executive trying to evade what appear to be mafia tactics by the federal government.
  35. coronavirus
    Trump’s Coronavirus Economic Council Was a Disaster Before It BeganThe White House reportedly failed to tell business leaders they would be part of Trump’s effort to revive the economy. It got worse from there.
  36. coronavirus
    Trump Cuts Funding to the World Health Organization During a Global PandemicDemocratic aides are reportedly attempting to prove that the withdrawal of the Congressionally-approved aid is illegal.
  37. bailouts
    The Postal Service Deserves a Permanent BailoutAmerica can afford to cover the losses of an overwhelmingly popular agency that provides a valuable service and good middle-class jobs.
  38. the media
    Where the Risk of Coronavirus Comes With Unparalleled AccessThese days, the White House is almost certainly the weirdest beat in American journalism.
  39. coronavirus
    Trump Administration Still Isn’t Prioritizing Coronavirus TestingFederal funding for coronavirus testing sites ends on Friday, even though Trump is aware expanded testing is a prerequisite for reopening the economy.
  40. coronavirus
    Trump Fires Watchdog Overseeing $2 Trillion in Coronavirus Stimulus FundsThe president removed the head of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee as part of a larger purge of inspectors general.
  41. trump administration
    Acting Navy Secretary Resigns After Calling Captain With Coronavirus ‘Stupid’Thomas Modly resigned after audio leaked of him insulting a Navy captain, who was removed after requesting aid for coronavirus patients on his ship.
  42. coronavirus stimulus
    The Small-Business Loan Program Crashed in the First Week It Was UpThe rollout of the $349 billion program is already causing headaches for the Trump administration.
  43. small business loans
    The Small-Business Loan Program Is Already Hitting 4 Big SnagsThe banks aren’t prepared, and the cap on the bailout fund is too damn low.
  44. coronavirus
    There Is No Plan for the End of the Coronavirus CrisisOn top of Trump’s ongoing mismanagement, there is a shocking lack of a strategy, at any level of government, for what the country will do next.
  45. coronavirus
    As Trump Admin Tells States to ‘Do Your Part,’ Governors Ask What Trump Is DoingGovernors continued to lambaste the Trump administration’s coronavirus negligence after the surgeon general told states to help manage the crisis.
  46. coronavirus
    Navy Captain Who Was Removed From Command Has the CoronavirusOn Saturday, Trump attacked Captain Brett Crozier, who had spoken out about his coronavirus-stricken crew last month.
  47. coronavirus
    Trump Invoked Defense Protection Act All the Time, But Stalled for CoronavirusThe White House used the act thousands of times, but Trump was reluctant to do so for the coronavirus due to reported fears of upsetting businesses.
  48. environment
    Trump Administration Pushes Huge Environmental Rollbacks in Midst of PandemicLast week, the administration allowed polluters to self-regulate during the crisis. Now it is expected to enact a major cut to car emission standards.
  49. coronavirus
    Trump Is Fighting a War Against Governors, Not the CoronavirusThe self-described “wartime president” is focusing on the wrong targets.
  50. coronavirus
    U.S. Foils G7 Consensus by Insisting on the Term ‘Wuhan Virus’: ReportThe Trump administration has again stymied the plans of the annual G7 — this time by teleconference.
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