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    Trump Pays $2 Million Fine for Abusing His Own CharityThe money was paid to eight real charities, per the terms of a settlement.
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    Trump Fined $2 Million Over Fishy Veterans FundraiserGenerally speaking, it’s not great to take money meant for soldiers and use it for your political campaign instead.
  3. the national interest
    Trump’s Crooked Foundation Dissolves, But Investigation ContinuesIt’s the grift that keeps on grifting.
  4. Mueller Scrutinizing Ukrainian Magnate’s $150,000 Gift to Trump’s CharityIn the fall of 2015, Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk gave $150,000 to Trump’s “charity” as compensation for a 20-minute speech.
  5. Trump Foundation to Dissolve, Nearly a Year After the President Said It WouldIt can’t really shut down, as the foundation is still under investigation in New York.
  6. Trump Foundation Ordered to Cease All Fundraising in New YorkThe GOP nominee’s charity lacks the proper registration for soliciting donations in New York state.
  7. Trump Paid Legal Settlements With His Charity’s MoneyThe GOP nominee used $258,000 of Trump Foundation donations to settle lawsuits against his for-profit businesses, the Washington Post reports.